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  • BlackBerry Users Can Now Download Apps from Amazon
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Some of the newer BlackBerry phones aren’t bad. They aren’t bad at all. But, those not familiar with BlackBerry aren’t likely to buy any phone from this company for one very good reason: there just aren’t that many apps available through the BlackBerry store.

Sure, BlackBerry has some internal developer relationships, but most of the apps that are created for the platform just lack, and popular apps aren’t anywhere to be found.

In an attempt to appease current users and entice new once, BlackBerry has announced that the company will be licensing 240,000 or so Android applications through Amazon.

Some of the titles that BlackBerry users will soon have access to include Candy Crush, Pinterest, Netflix, Groupon, Minecraft, Saga, and many more. Even though the company has recently allowed Android developers to create apps for BB10 software, some major changes had to be made in order for those apps to work, but that’s not the case with the newest Amazon deal.

Direct Downloads

The new Android apps that BlackBerry users will soon have access to can be directly downloaded from Amazon’s app store. This means that developers won’t have to play around with apps at all, and users can just download those apps from the Amazon store directly to use on BlackBerry devices. This all sounds well and good for users, but the decision to move to Amazon apps may mean bad news for BlackBerry.

Developer Relations

There are some developers that have been working hard to create apps for BlackBerry. Granted, most of those apps aren’t hugely popular yet, but it’s not every day that an app takes off in a huge way, it takes time (and the right app). As you might imagine, the developers that are working to make BlackBerry apps popular are probably not overly thrilled about the company’s latest decision – it means that most BlackBerry users will go directly to the Amazon store and skip any apps (or most apps) that are in the BlackBerry store.

Granted, one company develops most of the apps in the BlackBerry store (S4BB based out of Hong Kong), and that might be why BlackBerry has decided to go in a different direction. But, if the move towards Amazon doesn’t pay off, the company stands to lose the one company that’s making most of its apps, and that might not be a great idea. BlackBerry reps tell press that the company hasn’t lost any of its current developers over the deal, and that any developers that have given up on creating BlackBerry apps left a long time ago.

There are a few reasons why BlackBerry isn’t attractive to developers, but the one developer that does create a hugely popular BlackBerry app could become very rich – it just takes one amazing app. For now, though, BlackBerry users can look forward to downloading some Android apps from the Amazon store – provided that those apps work well for BlackBerry users. If not, well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board for the Canadian company.