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  • BlackBerry Is Open to Licensing
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In a round of questioning aimed at the future of the company, BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, stated that he is not closed off to the thought of a licensing deal or a complete sale of the company. This, in turn, sent stocks soaring.

BlackBerry has recently ended all updates when it comes to the company's PlayBook tablet, and now the company is trying to mostly focus on the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Needless to say, BlackBerry has tried many tactics to save the ailing company, but none have worked out thus far. Some very large shareholders are also projecting the sale of BlackBerry, now that the company is in dire straits. What does this mean for shareholders? What about people that currently use (or just bought) a BlackBerry device?

For Those that Own a BlackBerry Device

For now, the company is trying very hard to hold onto whatever revenue comes in with the BB10 OS. So far, those that have purchased a newer BlackBerry phone or upgraded to the new OS like what they have found. However, this might not be enough to save the company. While it's not the goal of any company to be bought out for a loss (which will likely be the case), BlackBerry is running out of alternatives.

It doesn't help, either, that BlackBerry has some serious competition in the smartphone realm. ZTE and Huwei are churning out smartphones that are cheap and easy, and are proving to be tough to beat. Plus, the market is becoming highly saturated.

This may mean that BlackBerry is racing against a too fast clock. Sure, the new BlackBerry devices are great, the new OS is top-notch, and the company is optimistic, but I'm betting BlackBerry goes bust within two years. What do you do if you have a contract?

What Happens if BlackBerry Goes Bust

Sometimes a company can fold and still keep devices running. Example: Worldcom went bankrupt in 2002, but the company kept providing telecommunications services to more than 70% of its former clients. Another scenario might be that BlackBerry is purchased by a different company, and that company continues the BlackBerry OS, device, and operating line.

Right now, many companies seem to be interested in BlackBerry's new platform (because, really, it is fantastic), so the company may be sold at a profit. If this happens, the device that you currently own will likely still be valid. Not much will change right away. Is it a good idea to purchase a new BlackBerry phone right now? It all depends on how much confidence you have in the company.

Think of it this way, though: BlackBerry's new OS is so great that companies seem to be making offers to buy out BlackBerry. If an OS is that great, isn't it worth testing out? If you've used BlackBerry phones before, you will find that the new devices the company has put out are just as good - even better. BlackBerry just needs to get consumers back on board and in line with the products that it's putting out.