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  • BlackBerry's New SecuTABLET
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BlackBerry is at it again with another new product. This time, the device comes in the form of a tablet that the company is calling the SecuTABLET. It’s somewhat hard to guess from the name, but the SecuTABLET is aimed directly at companies and business people, and it’s main objective is to provide those people with a secure tablet.

The company announced the SecuTABLET yesterday, and the tablet will debut at the CeBIT conference in Germany this year. What’s known about the tablet so far is that it is based on the Samsung's Galaxy Tab S 10.5. BlackBerry is working with both Samsung and IBM on the new tablet.

The SecuTABLET’s Security

BlackBerry acquired the security company SecuSMART last year, and the new tablet that the company is releasing will be based on SecuSMART’s high-speed secure communications suite. Interestingly, BlackBerry is not releasing the SecuTABLET to the general public. Instead, the company is solely focusing on enterprise with the new tablet. Instead, the SecuTABLET will be available to both international and national public sector markets, and to major enterprises.

Why has BlackBerry chosen to focus solely on enterprises with this new tablet? The company has gone through a lot of change over the past few years. No longer is BlackBerry attempting to compete with the likes of Apple and other popular tech companies. Rather than produce mediocre devices that aim to make the general public happy, BlackBerry is aiming to make enterprises happy, and that means doing what the company does best: developing secure products that companies want to use.

A Focus on Security

The move to team up with Samsung and IBM is a smart one, since those that still use BlackBerry products do so (and have done so) solely because the company is excellent at creating products that are secure. BlackBerry’s past mistakes were made because the company moved away from secure devices that were targeted to the business world. Now that the Canadian company has gone back to its secure roots, BlackBerry may just pick up some new customers, or, at the very least, retain the older ones.

It’s also true that enterprises and governments alike have a real need for a tablet that’s highly secure. BlackBerry is the first company to move into this space and attempt to fill the need for a tablet that’s both functional and secure. This is also why the company chose to purchase SecuSMART a while ago. BlackBerry’s new team is focused on security and enterprise, and that’s not a bad focus to have for this company.

The Targets

It’s safe to assume that BlackBerry is hoping to pick up both Canadian and American governments with the new tablet, and even some international government agencies. If the company can prove that the new tablet is the securest going, BlackBerry might just rise again.

Additional details about the new tablet will be released in the next few weeks. Aside from being secure, this tablet also has to provide those that purchase it will easy functionality that makes sense - two things that BlackBerry should be able to do nicely.