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  • Here's Why BlackBerry Stock Is Up
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When Research and Motion was founded in 1984, the company had one clear mission: to create highly secure devices. The first BlackBerry device was released in 1999, and it was one of the most secure devices on the market. When BBM hit the scene, the BlackBerry phone was the definitive business phone. No other phone could touch it.

We all know how this story changed. RIM rebranded, became BlackBerry, went through a slew of CEOs, and has come out the other end of the tumbler a company that's a mere shadow of its former self. Or is it? Today, BlackBerry has announced a new device that's slated for an April Indonesian launch date, and this BlackBerry phone is different.

Going Back to Its Roots

What do you do with a once successful company that still has a strong following in some parts of the world? You grab a hold of those still clinging to your technology and don't let go. You also go back to your roots. You find the reason why that population still loves what you do, and you create a device that brings that same technology back - only better.

Enter the new Blackberry Z3 smartphone. BlackBerry will release two versions of the Z3. One will have a touchscreen, and one will come with the "classic" keyboard that former BlackBerry fans know and still love (called the Q20). The phone will also be priced under $200. The two new devices will be the first to come from the BlackBerry/Foxconn partnership.

BlackBerry Stocks Shoot Up

Those still holding onto BlackBerry stocks are more than happy with this announcement. But, this isn't the only reason for stockholder elation. Facebook has just purchased WhatsApp, and that means that BBM might be a new and secure option for those that don't want anything to do with the new WhatsApp.

It's kind of a long shot, BBM being a replacement for WhatsApp. But, it's one that has caused some investors to buy more stock in BlackBerry. If you are looking to invest, it could be an opportune time to cash in - but it's still a gamble and far from secure. BlackBerry looks like it's on the mend with a new CEO at the helm, though it's still hard to say if the new devices will sell.

Coming to America?

The newest BlackBerry devices will be release abroad first. After that, it's feasible to assume that the new devices will make it to North American markets. A phone that performs well, is highly secure, and comes with that old QWERTY keyboard may just start selling, once again, in North America too. But, BlackBerry still needs to fix the app issue (this company lacks when it comes to in-demand apps).

Then again, BlackBerry isn't aiming for the casual crowd. This company wants its suited up business crowd back, and that means revisiting the reason why BlackBerry was popular to begin with. Watching BlackBerry stock over the next few weeks will be a fun activity, that's for sure.