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  • BlackBerry Storm2 vs. BlackBerry Torch
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Let’s cut right to the chase here—the BlackBerry Storm2 and the BlackBerry Torch are two very excellent smartphones. Even if you compare them based on technical specifications, they end up being fairly evenly matched. But what it comes down to is this: which are you going to like better? And to answer this question, there are two main factors that are going to answer this question very quickly. So, before you spend time reading up on the pros and cons of the subtle differences between these phones, consider the following.

The BlackBerry Storm2 has a SureTouch Keyboard

The Storm’s claim to fame, as you already know, is its SureTouch keyboard. This is a truly unique feature that’s meant to bring together the best of both worlds from touchscreens and tactile physical buttons. In the real world, the SureTouch has been a love or hate feature. It’s not quite as intuitive as a physical keyboard—nothing likely ever will be—and it’s not quite as slick as the iPhone touchscreen. But if you’ve been enjoying your BlackBerry Storm, then you’ll be even happier with the BlackBerry Storm2’s SureTouch keyboard.

The BlackBerry Torch has a Physical Keyboard

Actually, it has two keyboards: a virtual keyboard for the touchscreen and a physical keyboard. This, perhaps, was the real compromise that Research in Motion was looking for. For those devoted CrackBerry addicts who have been wired in to their BlackBerry phones from day one, your thumbs really hit their stride on a physical keyboard. And in this regard, the BlackBerry Torch certainly does not disappoint. The virtual keyboard is less intuitive, but for quick input, such as logging in or searching, it’s more than fine. For emailing, drafting documents and texting, the BlackBerry Torch physical keyboard really lets you spread your wings and fly. So, if you’re transitioning from a BlackBerry Bold or another classic BlackBerry, a Torch may be more up your alley.

The BlackBerry Storm2 is on Verizon

For U.S. customers unwilling to part ties with Verizon Wireless, the choice is clear—the BlackBerry Storm 2 is a Verizon exclusive, and it doesn’t share a carrier with the Torch. This will come down to your appreciation or disdain for Verizon Wireless as a customer as well as the amount of coverage you get in your area. Also, it’s important to note that Verizon is on a CDMA network. If you travel out of country, you may be better off with AT&T…

The BlackBerry Torch is Exclusive to AT&T

The BlackBerry Torch is currently only available on AT&T. AT&T is home of the bogged down, unreliable network plagued by and blessed with the iPhone. So, on your BlackBerry Torch, you’ll be competing with all that jazz. However, you will be able to travel across the border more freely, thanks to the GSM technology. That being said, if you’re a current AT&T customer and you don’t have any trouble with the service, then a Torch could be for you.


Which would you like better: a Verizon phone with a slightly unconventional keyboard and limited international coverage? Or an AT&T smartphone with a familiar physical keyboard and world roaming capabilities? Ask yourself that before you begin splitting hairs over the little things.