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  • Adult Blogger Accounts To Be Shut Down
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The concern of Google's moralization Internet crusade has been mounting. Today, there might be some cause for that concern. Google has sent out a notice to all Blogger users that the company will be changing its allowance policy. The notice states that any sites making money from adult content will be shut down. Yikes. That's a whole lot of change in a very short amount of time.

But, it's not just adult-centered sites that Google is after. Google will also be shutting down any Blogger site that displays adult advertisements. So, you might have a site about health topics, but if your site has adult ads you can expect Google to shut it down. Google has sent these warning notices to many Blogger users that have checked sites as displaying adult content of some kind.

What Should Blogger Users Do?

Google's policy has always stated that Blogger users should not use the platform in order to make large amounts of money from adult content. However, Blogger has always allowed adult content. Now that Google will be shutting down any sites displaying adult material, bloggers have to make a decision.

The option is simply: stick with Blogger and create a whole new site, or jump ship to another platform. What other platform? Right now, Yahoo offers the best free option with Tumblr, and Yahoo has stated that the company won't be restricting content. It seems like Google is going to drive a large number of Blogger users directly into the hands of Yahoo - hands that are open and waiting.

Why Are You Getting A Notice?

If you have received a warning notice from Blogger, but your site doesn't have any adult content, don't worry. A number of blogger users have been getting notices this morning, and many of those users do not have any adult material on their respective websites - chalk it up to a glitch. But, you might want to contact Blogger just to make sure that Google doesn't find something on your site offensive. Some bloggers posting fine art photographs have been asked to take those down, too.

Even though Google's crackdown may alarm some people (where with the moral crusade end?), in some circles it might just be business as usual.

Malware tends to go hand-in-hand with adult content sites, so Google may just be trying to avoid some kind of virus attack. Or, maybe those that are concerned about this new crackdown are right. Maybe, just maybe, Google is out to clean up the Internet once and for all - adult or other material included.

This is risky business for Google, though. The company stands to lose a number of bloggers over this latest notification. Further, Google may also tarnish its reputation as a company that's for the people, and some may begin to view Google as the enemy. In any case, if you have a Blogger site and you currently run adult content, you can expect your site to be shut down if you don't change the scope of it.