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  • Blu-Ray to Ipod Conversion Software Review
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The cool thing about technology is that you can do almost anything with the right software. This “anything” includes transferring blu-rays to your Ipod. Blu-ray to Ipod conversion software is something that you’ll want to have if you can’t live without your blu-ray collection. There are a few options when it comes to these programs, but (as with all other programs) some are far superior to others. Pay careful attention to speed and quality when purchasing conversion software.

Thankfully, blu-ray to Ipod conversion software isn’t expensive. At the time of this writing, you can purchase a decent program for around $40. User-friendliness is something that you’ll want to watch out for, since many of these programs are overly complicated. At the end of this article, you will find additional features that you may want to consider. While features are not the most important aspect of a conversion tool, it’s nice to have the option to play around with any given conversion when the mood strikes.

4Videosoft -- $30

Aside from the fact that 4Videosoft is easily affordable ($30 at the time of this writing), this program is also packed with features. Developers have made 4Videosoft easy to navigate, and merging files is a snap with this program. One important feature of any blu-ray to Ipod conversion tool is speed, and 4Videosoft doesn’t disappoint. This program can transfer files quicker than most other programs on the market, and that’s always a bonus.

Pavtube -- $40+

As a company that’s been in the audio industry for some time now, it’s no surprise that Pavtube has its own blu-ray to Ipod conversion software. What is surprising is that Pavtube doesn’t include all of the features that other software in its class has. However, Pavtube is remarkably fast, very affordable, and includes a great customer service department. While you can’t merge files using Pavtube, you can quickly send your blu-rays to your Ipod without must hesitation.

Xilisoft -- $45+

If you’re looking for the one program that has all the features, you’re looking for Xilisoft. This program really does come packed with everything that you need…and then some. The one drawback to this Xilisoft is that the conversion image is not as clear as the images that the two aforementioned products produce. This may be a huge detriment for some people who are seeking excellent quality. However, other conversion software doesn’t come close to comparing to Xilisoft feature-wise.

What To Look For

The three products listed above are all safe bets. If you happen to come across a cheaper converter, it pays to know what to look for. A converter should produce – above all else – a quality image. Aside from a crystal clear image, great software should be fast. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting hours for a conversion to take place.

Thankfully, most blu-ray to Ipod conversion software was built with speed in mind. Features are important to some, but don’t be sold based on features alone. Instead, check for image quality and speed. Then, look for a program that has the features you want. Some features that may prove worth your while include merging abilities, enhancement capabilities, encryption tools, and protection preferences.