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  • Top 3 Blu-ray Players on the market today
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In just a few short years Blu-ray players have gone from competing with HD DVD players for a small piece of the overall DVD player market to ruling the premium DVD market and taking a considerable share of the overall DVD market. This transformation happened thanks to Blu-ray prices dropping considerably and Blu-ray players offering streaming media services like Pandora, Netflix and YouTube. The only problem now is choosing the best Blu-ray player out of the myriad of models coming out every month. Well don’t worry any longer because we’re about to tell you what the top three Blu-ray players are on the market today without regard to cost or any company affiliation. Grab one of these bad boys and you’ll go home a happy camper.

Panasonic DMP-BD85K

Panasonic has a track record of building great DVD players and the DMP-BD85K is no exception. This Blu-ray player has great image quality and its 7.1 analog outputs make for a great overall experience. For starters, it has an extremely attractive price tag that hovers between $179.99 and $249.99 depending on what type of bargain shopper you are. The biggest surprise about a Blu-ray player this cheap is that the picture quality is stunning whether you have a 720p HD TV or a 1080p HDTV. The processing and upscaling done by this player leads to color and picture as if you were at the movie theatre. You’ll even have Dolby TrueHD, dts-HD Master Audio and the advanced Panasonic technologies that offer studio-quality multi-channel surround sound.

LG BD570

The BD570 is a great looking machine with a glossy front panel that is very slim and measures 1.7 inches tall by 8 inches deep allowing it to easily fit in any home theater system. This Blu-ray player is Wi-Fi enabled, offering NetCast streaming services like Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora and Picasa. It may not have 7.1 analog outputs like other Blu-ray players but this player has fantastic image quality and a price tag under $200. It is obviously highly regarded for its superb 802.11n Wi-Fi capabilities but it also has above average Blu-ray playback and seems to even make your standard DVD’s come alive with color. If you want a durable family Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi capabilities then this is the pick of the litter.

Sony BDP-S570

The BDP-S570 comes with a ton of great features for a $200-$249 Blu-ray player. You have your built-in Wi-Fi with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and VOD as well as SACD playback and Gracenote support. It is also considered maybe the fastest loading Blu-ray player on the market today. This beauty even comes with 1GB of onboard storage for use with BD-Live. The picture quality is phenomenal, especially at 1080p, and it has above-average upscaling conversion of standard DVDs. Sony Blu-ray players may have received negative reviews a few years ago but they have come a long way since then and this is certainly one of the best Blu-ray players available today.