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Information – there’s so darn much of it! From RSS feeds to keeping up with all of those Tweets and Facebook posts, who can keep track of all those articles you “meant” to read but never got around to? Sure, there are sites like Instapaper, but even then it’s hard to remember to visit the site to see what you’ve marked. There’s also the problem of sending a site page to Instapaper or to your bookmarks tab only to find that the site page no longer exists –how frustrating!

Well, there might be a better choice now and that choice might be called BO.LT. Originally covered by Mashable, BO.LT is a new startup that combines bookmarking with Pinterest in a sort of mish-mashed way with the goal of preventing you from ever losing that important article or webpage ever again. Here’s how BO.LT works.

Choosing to BO.LT Something

BO.LT really begins to look like Pinterest from the start. When you sign up for a BO.LT account, you will be asked to choose some things that interest you (like food, drinks, clothing, celebrities, whatever). Then, BO.LT will fill your homepage with articles that other “bolters” have added to each category. From there, you can start bolting on your own by adding a BO.LT button to your task bar and tapping that button every time you come across an article that you find interesting. In addition to bolting an article, you can add a short sentence or two about the article and you can add an appropriate photo too.

Once an article has been bolted, that article will be dropped into the proper bolt category. Now, here’s the great part – BO.LT stores everything you bolt on its servers, so you can say “goodbye!” to moved or lost site pages. The idea is to eventually add a ton of pages of interest to your BO.LT account, and you can make your account private too, so that you don’t have to share any of those great finds with anyone else.

To Begin Bolting…

BO.LT might be the next Pinterest. Or, the site could simply become something that people use to bookmark other site pages without the fear of every losing those pages. Either way, you are probably wondering how you can dip your fingers into BO.LT right now, right? Well, BO.LT is a new startup that has just opened up to beta testers, so you know what that means – invite only. But you can head to the BO.LT site to see if you can snag an invite or not. You might have to wait awhile for clearance, but you will eventually gain access to the site.

Watch out, Pinterest, you have a new competitor by the name of BO.LT! Even though BO.LT is out for Pinterest blood, it seems, it’s important to remember that Pinterest grew big and strong almost overnight and for a reason that nobody can seem to pin down (though many have tried). Will BO.LT have the same luck? We’ll have to wait and see…