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  • Bombfell Site Will Pick Out Your Clothes for You (Men Only)
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Some guys have it – that fashion gene that helps them pick out great looking clothes that are female approved. Other men, well, simply don’t have it. Those that don’t tend to pick out clothes that are anything but fashionable and often turn girls away. For these men, there’s Bombfell. Bombfell is a relatively new website that aims to help the fashionably disastrous find clothes – really good-looking clothes that also happen to fit.

Bombfell has already gained funding and quite a few subscribers, thanks to the original idea behind the site. If you think that your fashionably challenged and you need some help finding clothes that actually look good, Bombfell is definitely worth a look. Here’s how the site works and what you can expect to gain when you sign up for a Bombfell account.

Using Bombfell to Find Clothes Is Easy and Thorough!

First, you will have to tell the site (through a simply survey process) what kinds of things you like and what kinds of things you don’t like. Then, you will be asked what kinds of clothes you need (are you lacking pants, shirts, or everything?). Finally, Bombfell will send you clothes that suit your needs, size, and style every month. Instantly, you will go from a guy who doesn’t know how to dress to someone who looks very sharp all the time.

So, how much does this cost and what’s the catch? I’ve signed up for a Bombfell account and gone through the selection process just to provide you with those smaller details. The first thing that I noticed was that Bombfell is really thorough. The site asks for your height, weight, style, and you even get to pick out brands that you already love. After going through the extensive survey process (this will take a few minutes), you will be sent to a page where you can enter your credit card information and your shipping address.

What About Payment and Returns?

If you’re wondering how much Bombfell costs, that’s a really good question to know the answer to – after all, you don’t want to wind up over paying for some shirts and pants! All clothing items are $69 (flat fee), so no matter what label or what item you get, you will only pay that $69 fee. As far as returns go, you can also return any item that you really hate without a hassle, which is always a good thing when someone else is picking out your clothes for you!

All the clothes selected by Bombfell are actually selected by professional stylists, so you can count on your clothes selections to be stylish and fun all at the same time. The site also promises that every item will be “girlfriend approved,” so you don’t have to worry about looking like you just stumbled out of bed or Comicon. If you aren’t great at picking out clothes and looking good, make sure to check out Bombfell. This site will save your wardrobe and your dating life!