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  • The Bluez 2 Bluetooth Headset Doesn't Cover Your Ears
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Imagine if you had a set of headphones that could connect via Bluetooth to your wireless device, play music, and leave your ears completely open, so that you can hear what’s going on around you.

That’s what the Aftershockz Bluez 2 Bluetooth headphones do. These are bone-conducting headphones that wrap around the back of your neck while leaving your ears completely headphone-free. You can listen to music, but not block out surrounding sounds (perfect for runners or cyclists).

A Winning Design

Bone-conducting headphones aren’t entirely new, though they aren’t common either. But, there aren’t any headphones like the Bluez 2 Bluetooth set on the market. Aftershockz has made this headset visually appealing, so that you don’t feel like a complete fool walking around with headphones wrapped around your neck. These headphones are matte black, and are made from heavy-duty plastic. The design is simple and minimalistic, and it won’t draw any unwanted attention to your face or neck.

Headphone controls are also matte black and blend in seamlessly with the headset. It’s hard to notice the controls at all, but once you get used to the location of the controls, you will easily be able to play with your headset while walking, running, cycling, or doing anything else. A wireless speaker is also built into the headphones, so that you can make and receive calls after pairing the set up with your wireless device. So, how well do headphones that don’t actually surround your ears work?

Tuning in and Not Tuning Out

If you plan to visit a really crowded area wearing bone-conducting headphones (like a busy street or a tradeshow), you won’t like the sound coming from your headset. You can’t hear noise that comes from bone-conducing headphones if the noise around you is too loud. Even though these headphones claim to cut back on noise leakage, it’s still tough to hear music if you are in a busy place. That said, bone-conducting headphones of this kind are ideal for quieter strolls or outdoor activities.

Whenever you need to hear what’s happening around you, but you always want to listen to music, these headphones will work great. I wouldn’t toss my over-the-ear headset or noise-cancelling earbuds for this option, but I would include it in the lineup for those times when I want to hear natural sound. That said, the price of the Bluez 2 Bluetooth is just a bit higher than most people will pay for a second or third set of headphones.

Pricing and Availability

The Bluez 2 Bluetooth bone-conducting headphones will set you back $99.95. Again, that’s a lot of cash for a headset that you may not use all the time (or may not be able to use all the time due to outside noise).

If you can afford this headset, it does sound great when the outside noise isn’t too loud, and it does have a really practical purpose for those times when hearing what’s happening around you is really necessary. Plus, the design of these headphones is kind of great.

To purchase the Bluez 2 Bluetooth headphones, head to the Aftershokz.com website.