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  • Booktrack Lets Authors Add Music to Text
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I have a problem. I can't listen to any music while I read or write. But, you might not have that problem. If you are capable of multitasking and like listening to music while you read, you might have another problem: your music and the words you're reading may not match up.

What if they could, though? What if you could listen to a soundtrack that actually enhanced your reading experience? If this sounds like something you'd love to get your hands on, a new tool called Booktrack may just be what you're looking for.

What Booktrack Is

Booktrack is, essentially, a blogging platform that now includes the option to add a soundtrack to written works. Let me explain further. Let's say that you are a writer. You own the rights to your work (vital), and you want to add some music to your text. Using the Booktrack platform, you can add tunes to your work.

This music can then be paced to match a reader's reading speed. Writers can select from more than 20,000 different soundtrack and song options. Once songs have been chosen, works can be published in the Google Chrome Web Store. So far, around 10,000 different "audio books" have been published.

Some Possible Drawbacks and Concerns

First, I'm going to state once again that you must own the rights to your work. If you aren't sure, check with your publisher or agent, or read those Amazon publishing fine print sentences. Make sure that you own it!

Second, if you want to mess around with a work that is considered public domain (lots of classics fit this category, but, again, get permission), that can be done too.

Third, think carefully about whether or not adding music to a text will actually enhance that text. It's not always easy to add the right soundtrack to words, and adding the wrong music could actually ruin your hard work. So, keep all of those things in mind.

Costs and Other Details

Right now, you can use Booktrack for free if you are a writer. However, the company is launching a mobile version soon that will cost something (details haven't been released yet), and that mobile version will also come with some additional paid features.

With a paid plan comes some writer incentives, though. Writers can sell works through the platform at a premium price. Booktrack will take a cut of that profit, but the cut is minimal, and you may just find a whole new set of readers that love your kooky soundtrack texts.

If you want to give the platform a try now, you can simply head to the Booktrack site and start uploading your work - check the ownership information before you do, though, I'm not sure what (if any) claim Booktrack will have to your work once it's uploaded onto the site.

Music set to words? Words set to music? Do the two even belong together? If you are a writer, would you consider adding a soundtrack to your text? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter.