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  • The Bose 20i Earbuds Sound Great - But Come WIth A High Price
Technology Articles > Entertainment > Music > The Bose 20i Earbuds Sound Great - But Come WIth A High Price

Bose has managed to hold onto a solid reputation since the company's creation in 1964. Today, the Bose name is one that's still known throughout the world. Have other comparable companies come along since the beginning of Bose? Sure. Has any company managed to steal Bose's glory? Not entirely. But, there's a reason for that.

Bose continues to put out excellent products that are worth the high price tag. Like the new QuietComfort 20i earbuds. As you might expect from the QuietComfort name, these earbuds are of the noise cancelling type. What you might not expect is that they bring the QuietComfort line to a whole new level.

A Closer Look at Bose QuietComfort 20i Buds

The first thing to love about the 20i earbuds is that these come with three different bud sizes. Bose knows that "one size fits all" doesn't really apply to everyone, so the company offers three different earbud sizes in each package. Chances are that you'll find the perfect fit, and when you do you'll understand why the Bose 20i buds are so popular.

Bose's legendary noise-cancelling technology is present with these earbuds. You'll also find that the fit is tight, and the bass sounds great with the 20i option. So, you can expect the Bose sound that you've come to love. What else? Bose has also included a rechargeable battery pack on the end of the device. There are some older features included with the 20i too - and that's a good thing.

Some Old Familiar Features

You'll find that Bose has included an inline remote control and mic with these buds; a clothing attachment (great for walking, running, etc); and the same noise-cancelling technology - with one difference. This time around, the 20i earbuds will continue to play music after the buds have run out of battery power.

You can't use the noise-cancelling option when the battery dies, but you can still play music when the battery runs out. The battery life on the 20i earbuds is around 12 hours, so that should give you a good idea of how long these earbuds will last. Now, let's talk about the price tag.

Price and Availability

Here's where the Bose name comes into play. As you might have guessed, the 20i earbuds don't come with a cheap price. Bose has stuck a $299.95 sticker on these earbuds. That's right, you'll have to shell out nearly $300 for these tiny noise-cancelling buds. That's a lot of money to pay for such tiny earbuds, right? Well, that's also a fairly standard rate for Bose headphones.

Are these headphones worth the price? If you want solid sounding, noise-cancelling, earbuds that are backed by the Bose name and are great to travel with, you'll have a hard time finding a better option. Then again, you have to be willing to dish out nearly $300 for these earbuds, and that is a big price to pay. If you like the sound of the 20i earbuds, you can pick them up now on the Bose website.