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  • The New Bose SoundDock III – Lightning Compatible
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Bose has long been known for innovation. People are typically willing to pay more for a Bose product because of that well-known name. But, what happens when a solid company like Bose decides not to mind the times? The last time that Bose updated its, once popular, SoundDock was when the iPod Classic first arrived on the scene. Since that last update, the SoundDock has remained the same. Now, Bose has made a small change to the device resulting in the SoundDock III.

While the SoundDock III is compatible with Apple’s new lightning connector, Bose has neglected the competition by not changing the device too much. These days, almost all sound devices meant for use with an iPhone or iPod are wireless. This is not the case with the new SoundDock III. Bose, it seems, has decided to leave well enough alone by simply updating connection options. Will this decision bring Bose down?

Why Hasn’t Bose Gone Wireless?

Not too long ago, I read an article that stated “the wired dock is dead.” That seems about right. Consumers simply don’t want to purchase a new dock and run the risk that an upgraded iPod or iPhone won’t fit into that dock should Apple change connection options once again. As a result, many sound companies have started to create wireless devices. While it’s true that most wireless devices can’t compete with the wired type when it comes to sound, wireless options are becoming much stronger. Now, some wireless speakers can easily compete with their wired competitors.

Perhaps Bose did not want to cheapen sound quality by offering consumers a wireless speaker option that wasn’t perfect. Bose does, after all, have a reputation to uphold. Then again, Bose has created some sub-par products in the past, so this reasoning seems rather unlikely. Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that all of Bose’s SoundDocks are far superior to other devices on the current market. Since the SoundDock III is largely unchanged, this device is just as good as former SoundDock options.

Availability and Pricing

The SoundDock III is just as sleek and appealing as previous SoundDock models. If you like what Bose created in the past, you’ll love the new SoundDock option. Bose is also offering the SoundDock III at a relatively tame price. Right now, you can purchase the new SoundDock for $249.95. Bose did point out that the “glossy black” model is available for the $249.95 price in the company’s recent press release, and this might mean that other colors will be appearing soon. The SoundDock III is compact enough to place on most shelves and does deliver that iconic Bose sound.

If $249.95 seems like a decent deal to you, this might be a good option for someone on your holiday list. You can check out additional details about the Bose SoundDock III by visiting the Bose website. If you just want to purchase this dock, it is possible to buy the SoundDock III directly from the Bose website. But, before you buy, consider whether you want to purchase a device for your lightning adaptor or buy a wireless device that will work with whatever Apple comes up with next.