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  • Bose's New QuietComfort Wireless Headphones
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Wireless headphones are either something you love or something that you really hate. But if you love wireless headphones and love sound at the same time, your options are limited.

Recently Bose created a wireless version of the company’s popular noise cancelling headphones. If you’re a Bose fan, you may want to check these out - despite the high price tag at $350.

Bose Wireless QuietComfort 35

The new Bose Wireless QuietComfort 35 headphones aren’t something that you’ll wear to the gym (unless you don’t mind having a bulkier headphone while you sweat), but they are something that you might want when walking around the city or just running around town or even traveling. Bose knows that it has a strong and dedicated following.

While not always popular or a favorite with the audiophile crowd, Bose is still one of the best known headphone and sound companies out there. It’s hard to find someone that hasn’t heard of the company. So while these headphones have some tough competition like Dr. Dre’s Beats, Bose followers will still love the new wireless option.


Bose has noted that the new QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones will play for up to 20 hours on one single charge. That’s better time than most other wireless options out there that only give around 6 hours of playtime. If you use the cable that Bose provides with the headphones, you can get even more time out of them.

Of course, the main draw of the Bose QuietComfort headphones is that they are noise cancelling headphones in addition to being a wireless option. Bose is great at drowning out other noise so that you can really hear what’s being pumped through the headphones - if you have other Bose QuietComfort options, you know that the noise cancelling effect is pretty amazing.


Even though Bose followers and avid dedicated users may love the fact that Bose has created a wireless version of the QuietComfort headphones, these headphones are pricey. If you have the $350 to shell out for Bose headphones that are wireless, the QuietComfort option is probably a great idea - just remember that they’re not really headphones you’ll want to bring to the gym, run with, etc - you could, but I’m going to with the idea that these are more travel headphones (since earbuds are far better for exercising options).

Bose has been needing to enter the wireless headphone space with the QuietComfort brand for a while now. There will be, no doubt, plenty of people lined up to check out these headphones. Even though Bose isn’t the cool brand anymore, the company still has quite a dedicated following. As far as sound goes, the QuietComfort wireless headphones by Bose put out some decent sound.

Bose is first and foremost a sound company and that hasn’t been changed by the addition of wireless - which really says something about the company. If you want to get your hands on these headphones, you can check out the Bose website. Or, you can look at an audio store near you this month.