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  • Bottlenose: A New Way to Monitor Your Social Networks
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If you use lots of social networks, you probably have the same complaints that other avid networkers do. These complaints include the inability to narrow down tweets and Facebook posts, the difficulty of selecting streams you want to read, and the problem of being forced to switch between networks in order to view updates. Bottlenose is a new website application designed for multiple social network use that aims to eliminate common complaints.

I was lucky enough to snag a beta invite to Bottlenose (right now, the company determines your beta worth based on your current Klout score). After playing around with the site for awhile, I’ve found that Bottlenose offers some interesting ways of view social media streams, but it does fall somewhat short of blowing my mind (for the time being, at least).

Unlike TweetDeck?

I was once a dedicated Hootsuite user until I came across TweetDeck. Now, it will be tough for me to switch to any other third-party social media application. TweetDeck presents all of my Twitter streams neatly and according to my preferring viewing options.

When I first ventured into Bottleneck waters, signed up with my social networks (Twitter and Facebook are offered for now), and began using the application, I found that it resembled TweetDeck in many way. This is especially true if you split streams into more than one. The main difference, it seems, is that Bottlenose allows users to select streaming news based upon interests.

For example, I was allowed to narrow down my Twitter streams according to technology posts. Users can do this for a multitude of different topics, which is helpful if you’re trying to focus on one topic or another. I also read on Mashable this morning that Bottlenose will soon offer assistance through other third parties, though the “Assistants” link isn’t working at the moment (not for me, at least).

Is Bottlenose Needed?

It’s tough to tell from the beta version of Bottlenose if there’s a true demand for this type of application. It does make sense that people who control multiple social media campaigns (like yours truly) would benefit from a site that allows users to narrow down tweets and posts according to topic. It will be very interesting to see how Bottlenose takes off over the next few months.

Even though Bottlenose needs to limit beta participants, I have noticed that many people are offended at the way Bottlenose chose to do so. Right now, if you have a Klout score that’s below 40, you can’t sign up for Bottlenose. This may deter some people right away (even though it is in beta form), and these people might not return.

After all, many have begun to shun Klout, since the ranking service is really based upon nothing at all (more on this another time). Whether or not Bottlenose will succeed will be apparent within the next few months. Right now, the beta form of Bottlenose is interesting, but not interesting enough to keep this avid networker hooked.