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  • Worried About Infected Android Apps? Check Out Bouncer
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Recently, Android apps have been in the news a lot due to a number of infected apps that were downloaded and caused major problems for some Android users. In response to these malware-loaded apps, Google has created Bouncer – a program that will bounce any suspicious or malicious app. News about Bouncer has been welcomed across the board, and worried Android users are quickly finding out what Bouncer’s all about.

Google has told press that security is a number one priority, but the company didn’t previously have complete control over apps that are infected with malware. Google went on to state that all Android apps are uploaded to Google’s cloud system, and that this is how the company controls harmful apps. Now, in addition, thanks to Bouncer, it is going to be a lot harder for developers with harm in mind to infect Android devices. Here’s how Bouncer works (and why Google has done well this time around).

Standing Between Your Device and Malware

As soon as an Android developer has uploaded an app to the Android platform, Bouncer goes to work. Bouncer looks for all kinds of problems including spyware, malware, and other issues like trojans. The new program also scans developer accounts, so that repeat offences don’t happen. In short, Bouncer is an all-in-one protection package for Android. This is a program that was very much needed, since Android’s platform is open to all kinds of developers. Prior to Bouncer, any developer could upload an app to the Android platform and that app may or may not have contained a harmful virus.

Google related in a recent press release that Bouncer has already been tested. During these tests, Google developers noticed a 40% drop in malware thanks to the rough and ready program. Now, Google will run Bouncer every time a new app is uploaded to the Android system. Needless to say, Android users are thrilled at Google latest security upgrade.

Google Moves Forward

Google has been making attempts to secure all Google products throughout the past few months. The company tested QR security codes for Gmail, introduced new Google Plus security measures, and now is setting its sights on the Android platform. While many people love to hate Google, there’s no denying the fact that this company consistently listens to consumer needs, wants, and wishes. For this reason alone (though there are many others), Google will keep winning fans.

If you currently have an Android phone, do you think that Bouncer will help secure this platform? Or, do you think that Google needs to put additional protective measures in place? Keep in mind that Google is forever moving forward (a necessary ingredient when it comes to any tech company), and it’s doubtful that Bouncer will be Google’s only line of defense against malicious Android apps. Those who have an interest in tech will watch and wait to see if Google further improves upon security issues. Still, as many have pointed out this morning, Bouncer is a giant step in the right direction and Google deserves some props for taking that step.