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  • Box of OMG: Free Stuff for Girls
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What's the best way to directly advertise to 8-14-year old girls? It's not TV. It's not the Internet either. Those places are stuff with advertisers garnering for the same market. No; the way to advertise directly to tween and teen girls is to send them a box of free stuff.

A new services called "Box of OMG" has just launched in the UK. This service provides a free bi-monthly box of items to girls. What kinds of items? Things like movies, music, apps, books, and any other promotional bits that companies want to throw into the box.

What's In It For a Company?

Companies that want to give away free stuff must pay the founders of Box of OMG a small fee. In return, their items are sent directly to a girl's doorstep. Or, to thousands of girl's doorsteps. If the idea catches on, that number could be turned into millions of doorsteps.

The items inside of the OMG box are actually useful too. For example, a makeup company could send makeup samples to girls. The girls would then use these samples, like or dislike the product (probably like more than dislike), and then purchase the product in a store. The OMG box does not contain the same item twice, so recipients are exposed to new items regularly.

The Service Gets Better

Not only will advertisers have a direct link to girls in the "buying" age, but subscribers also have the chance to pay for a box. In order to skip the long list of people waiting for a free box, it will soon be possible to pay for a premium box. Premium boxes will also include digital access. It gets even better! After receiving each box, kids are told that they must give feedback on each item received.

This, in turn, adds to the value that marketers get from participating in a program of this sort. Kids get free stuff, parents feel like they're doing something great for kids, and marketers get valuable feedback.

The whole thing is a great and perfect idea. There's just one problem. Right now, the OMG box is only available in the UK. So, if you currently live in the UK, you can grab your free box by signing up on the OMG box website (just watch for the television commercials currently running in the UK).

Only Girls for Now

Right now, the OMG box is for girls only. Why girls only? The company behind the boxes wants to pinpoint what girls want, and needs to target that market directly. Since all girls are unique, the boxes must contain a variety of items. Once those markets are targeted specifically, the company may (speculation) begin to offer different types of boxes to girls. Will boy boxes follow? It's possible; but it's an all-girl box world for now.

So far, the girls who have received an OMG box are loving it. The items inside of the boxes are fun and new, and girls love getting gifts. It also helps that the actual boxes are colourful and fun to look at. Want to sign up? Get on the waiting list now!