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  • BrandMyMail: Connecting Gmail and Social Media
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BrandMyMail is a new website application that helps you to customize your Gmail. This application allows users to drag and drop different social media streams, signatures, logos, and other details into a basic Gmail template. The point behind BrandMyMail is to help small businesses and individuals create an email template that’s like no other. Seemingly, creating an email template that includes lots of information about you and your company will help others easily connect with you.

There’s a fine line between an email template that provides lots of information about you (or your company) and a template that’s just plain annoying. With BrandMyMail, you can strike this balance by carefully creating the template that works for you. This website application works with Firefox, Chrome, and various other browsers. Needless to say, you need to have a Gmail account to use BrandMyMail.

How It Works

Once you have landed on the BrandMyMail website, you will see a sample template. Look at this template closely, and then delete each section of the existing template, so that you can create your own. When you’re ready to create, just drag and drop various options from the apps listed on the right-hand side of your screen (you will see these apps right away). You can spend quite a bit of time setting up RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, and other plugins.

You can also create a new template design and layout according to your needs (I recommend not adding too many colors to your new email design).
The one issue I found when using BrandMyMail is that this branding application doesn’t allow users to link to LinkedIn.

Since LinkedIn is such an important business tool, I wouldn’t use this email application if I can’t link to my LinkedIn account. Sure, Twitter and Facebook are important social media tools too, but LinkedIn is really an essential tool for any business, don’t you think? The lack of LinkedIn aside, I wasn’t crazy about the way that my new Gmail template looked. In fact, I prefer to use the current customization program that I am already using called Wisestamp (this app performs much the same functions).

Free to Use

BrandMyMail is a free application, which may provide much incentive to test out this service. I will warn you that sending out emails that contain too many streams and social media buttons might be construed as spam by some people, so take it easy. If you are tempted to fill up all of your emails with content and the like, make sure that this information is pertinent to your business. Otherwise, you could just wind up annoying the people who you are in contact with.

On that note, I can see this template working out for many people who want to add quick links to emails. Just keep in mind that too much information is just as bad as not enough information. To check out BrandMyMail, visit www.brandmymail.com. You will have to grant the application permission to access your Gmail account when using this app.