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Budgets are something that most people have. Staying on track when it comes to your budget isn’t always easy. There are a number of ways to keep tabs on your budget, though most of them involve making notes and jotting down numbers. Paper and pencil served society well for decades, but these items also pose numerous problems.

A paper list can become lost, torn, or doused in water (it happens). That’s why it’s a much better idea to keep track of your budget using a smartphone app. What’s even better is that smartphone apps can add, subtract, and tend to your budget for you. All you have to do is enter a few numbers, and you’ll be on your way to having a carefully controlled budget.

App Availability

There are lots of smartphone budget apps out there. If you type “budget” into your smartphone’s respective app store search module, you’ll come up with hundreds of apps. You can filter these apps by reading through consumer reviews. Or, you can compare apps according to price.

Sometimes, not all the time, you pay for what you get. When it comes to smartphone budget apps, this statement is largely true. However, there are a number of smartphone apps that are free and amazingly great. We’ll point out a few iPhone and Android budget apps below that you should take a look at.

Money by Jumsoft for iPhone

This free app by Jumsoft is ideal for a number of reasons. In addition to keeping track of your finances, Money can also create and keep track of invoices. The invoice feature comes in handy if you send out more than one invoice each month.
Adding bank account information to Money will help you keep track of your expenses too.

Jumsoft has made Money’s interface simple and self-explanatory, so that you can quickly add banking details. Money also conveniently converts whatever currency you’re using without any input from you (all the program needs is your bank details).

BillMinder for iPhone

Late fees will ruin your credit and your wallet. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget to pay a bill when life becomes hectic and packed with outings, vacations, and other events. BillMinder for iPhone will help you remember to pay your bills on time.
BillMinder is not a free app ($1.99), but it is a helpful one. Every time you have a bill payment that’s due, BillMinder will remind you of payment details. No more late fees, no more skipped payments, and no more worrying about postal strikes.

MoneyWise for Android

MoneyWise for Android is a bit different than the two iPhone apps mentioned above. MoneyWise keeps track of all the money that has been taken out of your checking account on a regular basis. Every day, you’ll receive updates regarding recent purchases, withdrawals, and your account balance.
MoneyWise is a great app if you worry about overdrawing your bank account. Every check you write will also be included in the MoneyWise reminder. Keep tabs on yourself or on someone else in your family who has access to your bank account with the MoneyWise app.