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  • Buffalo TeraStation Pro
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There are a few brand names that stand out within the storage market, and Buffalo Technologies is one of them. While Iomega still impresses with its storage options, the Buffalo TeraStation Pro is a serious NAS option for businesses of all kinds. Aside from the software that comes with the TeraStation Pro, Buffalo Technologies has equipped the TeraStation Pro with an amazingly easy setup process, which will likely appeal to users of all types.

Setting Up the TeraStation Pro

Few setup processes are easier than those that come with a handy CD. The only thing simple than a CD setup process is a Wizard guide that is part of that CD. Buffalo Technologies has included a Wizard setup in the form of a CD with the TeraStation Pro. Using this CD and setup guide, users simply have to follow simple network connection instructions. The CD that comes with TeraStation Pro will run on either Mac or Windows, which makes it even more appealing. In addition to a very simple CD setup process, Buffalo has also thrown in some licenses.

Users will find that the setup CD comes with NovaBackup Business Essentials (a 10-PC license copy). In addition, Buffalo includes a copy of Turbo Copy, Adobe Reader, and Turbo PC with the setup guide. All of this comes standard with the TeraStation Pro, and users are bound to find all that Buffalo has included here immensely helpful. Once the setup process is complete, Buffalo ensures that users are kept up to date on any firmware updates by notifying users whenever an update is available. Downloading updates and keep on top of firmware is simple with the help of the Buffalo website.

An Interface Done Right

The developers at Buffalo Technologies have always understood that an interface doesn’t have to be cluttered in order to be useful. Instead of a complex interface loaded with unnecessary icons and other features, the TeraStation Pro interface is clean and simple. As a bonus, Buffalo has included all kinds of help files to really make sure that every process goes smoothly (a big help). Connection the TeraStation Pro to a current server domain proved to be seamless and the whole interface will no doubt appeal to users of all types.

Features and Pricing

The TeraStation Pro is packed with lots of features, but one of the most noted features is the port-trunking feature. This feature allows user to set up advanced customization options and network configuration settings. It is also possible to re-initialize the NAS using this function, which users will no doubt find very useful. As far as pricing goes, you can expect to pay around $880 for this storage option. This price might not appeal to everyday users, but the TeraStation Pro is really marketed for businesses and, as a business storage tool, the price of the TeraStation Pro is well worth it. If you’re in the market for a storage device option that has a very good reading and writing performance, an excellent interface, and is a cinch to setup, Buffalo Technologies is at the head of the pack with the TeraStation Pro.