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  • Bumble Puts Women in Control
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A few blogs back an article was posted on this site about Bumble, the popular dating app. Now the app has a brand new upgrade that all women are really going to love (whether or not you are part of the dating scene).

Why? The developers behind Bumble have decided to give women control over this dating scene - and they’re loving it.

Women Control Bumble

The newest Bumble feature is simple enough. If a man does not respond to a woman’s message request within 24 hours, that match is lost. This means that men can’t play that three or four day waiting game with women they are interesting in. It means that men have to respond to a message request immediately or they lose the chance to ever talk to the woman that messaged them to begin with.

Why would Bumble give women this much control over a dating app that’s meant to be for both sexes? There are two very good reasons why women control this dating scene. The first is that Bumble wants to set itself apart from other dating apps, and since most other apps that are part of the dating scene let both men and women take days or even weeks to respond to a message, the new response feature sets the Bumble app apart immediately.

The other reason why Bumble has decided to give women control over this dating is to appeal to women that want serious dates. If a woman reaches out to a man on Bumble, it’s for a serious dating reason and to form a relationship. It’s hard to play games with someone if that person will no longer be an option after a day of not responding.

Not Just for Women

Bumble has also created a feature that gives women some room to play but doesn’t leave men out in the cold completely. After women that use the app have found a few good matches they must send a message request within 24 hours of getting those matches or lose the match completely. At that point, though, a man can reach out to a woman, but in most cases a woman that does not respond to a match probably isn’t interesting.

Bumble is definitely shaking up the playing field when it comes to dating apps. The app is widely used now with both men and women, and it’s already a popular app with both sexes. The newest features will set Bumble apart even more from the stiff competitive field that is dating apps, which is important if Bumble wants to survive.

Same-Sex Couples

What about LGBT couples? Well, Bumble has told press that even these couples still have to go by a timeline. Basically, the person that is messaged still has 24 hours to respond to a request and the person that gets matches still has to respond within that same timeframe.

Bumble has been coined a feminist dating app, but it’s founders have told press that the company is simply looking to even the playing field. Most dating apps let men have more control than women, so Bumble is just trying to make things equal for all.