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  • LinkedIn Teams Up With Evernote
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LinkedIn and Evernote are teaming up to make your Evernote app even better. A business card addition to the app makes it possible to store business card information. Now, LinkedIn will be adding details to that information by pulling additional details from LinkedIn profiles to add to business card collections.

The whole thing was designed to make storing business cards simpler through both a better storage service and additional important details.

How the App Will Work

When you scan and save someone’s business card with your Evernote app, those details will be stored in your app per usual. Now, though, additional details will be pulled from your LinkedIn app, so that both Evernote and LinkedIn work together to provide you with a complete business card picture. Plus, the app will now include information about how you met the person that gave you their card. Location details will be added to the Evernote app system, and you’ll also get time and place details.

You will also see a person’s LinkedIn profile photo next to a business card that’s been stored in your Evernote app. So, when you flip through the app to find a card or two, you will get a complete profile of the person you are considering doing business with. The whole thing seems to make a lot of sense, and both LinkedIn and Evernote seem to work well together. LinkedIn did purchase a business card app some time back, called CardMunch, but the social network will be shutting down that service within the coming months.

Are Business Cards Done?

The original idea behind CardMunch was that business cards are over. CardMunch wanted everyone to store business card contact details in the cloud, but that really didn’t happen. While the concept of storing business card information in the cloud was interesting, most people simply didn’t use the service. With Evernote, things are a bit different. Evernote doesn’t want you to get rid of business cards, but the service does want to give you more details about a person when you look at the Evernote app.

You can find out what a person looks like and where you met that person just by flipping through the app, and that might have made the whole process of scanning and storing business cards even better. Will you get rid of cards? That’s doubtful; but you can now use a card and your Evernote app to store tons of details about a person, thanks to the new partnership with LinkedIn.

The one thing that some people are wary about here, though, is the fact that LinkedIn will soon have business card contact details if you use Evernote to store cards – that may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it.

The partnership is happening now, so check out Evernote to see what’s new. If you do use this service what do you think about the new LinkedIn deal? Is this a good or bad thing? Do you trust it?