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  • Buying an Ebook Reader: Tips
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Amazon is making some big ebook reader announcements today. If you can’t wait to hear or see what Amazon is offering, it’s a good idea to sit back, relax, and consider all of the things you want in an ereader. After all, it’s relatively easy to get caught up in the hype, rush out to buy the latest device, and wind up with something that you don’t actually like. So, before you jump on the Amazon (or any other) wagon, take a look at these ebook reader buying tips.

Viewing Ease

The most important aspect of any ereader is its viewing ease. If you can’t read what’s on your screen no matter where you are, there’s little point to owning an ereader. I mean, why not just buy a regular old book that you can read anywhere without any glare issues? Most ereaders have something called E Ink. E Ink makes it possible for users to read what’s on screen without being force to wear sunglasses, squint, or find any other method of sheltering a screen so that reading becomes easier. Essentially E Ink was created in order to make an ereader screen look just like a real book (with real ink).

At the time of this writing (unless Amazon creates something more advanced), E Ink is the best screen visibility option. As far as screen size goes, most ereaders are in the 6-inch category, though Amazon does sell a 9.7-inch Kindle, and may soon be selling an even bigger (or possibly smaller) option. In order to settle on a nice screen size, consider how big you like your regular books to be (you know, those paperback and hard copy options?). If you can’t stand the heft of a large hard copy, you may not want something larger than a 6-inch screen.

If you like a larger device, something a bit larger than six inches will probably suit you well. It’s also worth noting that Amazon will likely improve the quality of the E Ink display. News about what Amazon is now offering should be surfacing momentarily, and will be covered in an article tomorrow, so watch for that.

Content, Content, Content

Alright, it’s really hard to beat Amazon when it comes to content. Amazon currently offers over 180,000 book titles. You simply won’t find this selection anywhere else. But, Sony does have a decent content space and so do other ereader companies. Really, it all boils down to how much selection and variety you really need. How many times will you read those obscure documentaries? Or, are you just looking for a best seller list? As you can see, it all depends on what you like to read and whether or not you want options that are less mainstream.

Amazon’s New Paperwhite – Brand New Update

Going back to ereader screens for a moment, I’ve just been notified that Amazon has introduced something called “Paperwhite.” This color term refers to the screen that those lovely digital words are printed on. Amazon has surpassed regular white to bring Paperwhite into the ereader spectrum. What is Paperwhite? Simply whiter than white, if you can image what that might look like. The advantage of a super white screen is that it’s much easier to see black print. Will Paperwhite be the new white? It sure looks that way. In any case, buying an ereader with a crystal clear screen will mean better viewing all around, and that’s always a good thing.

In the end, ereader selection boils down to three things: size, content, and clarity. Never settle for any ereader that doesn’t meet all three of your expectations. Amazon’s new offerings might be the best thing for you. Or, you may find that another company offers something you will enjoy much more.