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Wi-Fi radios used to be novelty items. Today, various Wi-Fi radio options exist. Even though some complete radios are fairly expensive (900+), there are some more affordable choices available. Today’s Wi-Fi selections come with remotes, clear and colorful display screens, and customizable selections. A top Wi-Fi radio can be purchased for $150+.

Logitech Squeezebox Radio -- $150+

There are a lot of great things about the Logitech Squeezebox Radio. The first innovative quality that this radio has is the ability to stream a number of Internet radio stations. Further, the Logitech Squeezebox allows users to access music files from a computer (Mac, Linux, and Windows are all supported). This radio also doubles as an alarm clock (highly customizable) and includes a number of downloadable apps. Aesthetically, the Logitech Squeezebox is slick with a black plastic exterior and clear display screen. This radio also includes a built-in handle that makes moving the device from one room to the next simple.

Sonos Bundle BU250 -- $900+

The Sonos Bundle BU250 does it all. This Wi-Fi home radio system can be extended to reach up to thirty-two different rooms. Further, the Bundle can be set up to stream the same type of music into all rooms or it can be configured to play different music in each room. Users can select music from a computer (Mac and PC are supported), or music can be played from an Internet radio provider (including Sirius, Rhapsody, Napster, and Pandora). The system itself comes with two base stations that must be hard-wired. Unfortunately, the Sonos Bundle BU250 does not come with a remote, though this can be purchased for an extra fee. Consumers looking for a Wi-Fi radio that provides excellent sound and many user-friendly options should consider the Sonos Bundle BU250.

Philips Streamium NP2500 -- $140+

The Philips Streamium NP2500 is eye-catching. With a flat panel and a small, colorful, display screen, it’s hard not to fall in love with the Streamium’s design. Aesthetics aside, this Wi-Fi radio also comes with a remote – something that many other, pricier, systems do not include. This radio also allows users to listen to Rhapsody Internet radio or stream music from a PC. Even though the Streamium’s display screen is somewhat small, users won’t have a hard time controlling this radio thanks to a responsive remote. Drawbacks include the lack of Internet radio selections and difficulty supporting large music files. Still, when compared to more expensive Wi-Fi radios, the Streamium is an ideal purchase.

Grace GDI-IR2000 -- $130+

For the price, the Grace GDI-IR2000 is a choice Wi-Fi radio pick. This Grace radio had the ability to stream music from thousands of online sources. This is in stark contrast to other systems that can only stream music from one or three different sources. In addition, users can effectively connect an Ipod to the Grace system. Unlike many other Wi-Fi radios, the Grace system also comes with a remote, which is a nice addition. The sound quality of the Grace GDI-IR2000 is not as clear as some more expensive Wi-Fi systems. Yet, this radio does offer a number of appealing features at a reasonable price.