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  • The iPad Case that Turns Into a Piano
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There are all kinds of iPad keyboards on the market. Some are softer, some are lighter, and some turn your iPad into something entirely different. Like a piano. That's right, there's an iPad keyboard that will turn your iPad's keyboard into a piano. Sound interesting? Here are the facts.

The C.24 iPad Case

Picture a regular keyboard case. Now, switch those keys for piano keys. Got an image in your head? That's what the C.24 iPad Piano Case looks like. This case works with any music app that you've installed by sending wireless MIDI input to your iPad.

Above the row of piano keys is another row of buttons. These buttons control octaves and other details like tone. These are the only features that the C.24 case currently has, but the company behind this case (Miselu) has created an open design for hardware expansion.

What additions might we see in the future? Knobs, faders, and XY tabs might be some options. Additional options are bound to surface as well. Like what you're reading? Here are some more details about the sale of this iPad case.

Availability and Pledging

Right now, the C.24 iPad case is not available for market sale. Miselu has just started a Kickstarter campaign in order to gain enough funding to complete the C.24 case project. Right now, you can pledge $99 to receive a C.24 case as soon as these cases are available and completely. The company still has to work out some kinks before the iPad cases are ready for sale, but you will be one of the first to get a C.24 case if you pledge that $99 now.

Is this case worth $99? It all depends on what you want to do with it. If you have a kid that's learning how to play the piano, a case that turns your iPad into a piano might be a great idea. Or, if you love to play the piano, are a professional, or need some way to practice while traveling, the C.24 case is a great deal.

Will the average person purchase this case? Probably not. The C.24 case is aiming for a niche market, but it appears to be a solid case and it's hard to dispute the fact that this is a clever creation. If you've been waiting for an iPad case that doubles as a piano, this is the case for you.

How to Pledge

Simply visit the C.24 Kicstarter page, click on the right hand side 'Pledge $99' button, and help support this new startup. It could take a while for the company to complete the cases, but it's worth supporting this company if you like the idea of the case and want a case.

As with any Kickstarter project, there's a chance that this case might not be made. However, it sure looks like the C.24 is well on its way, and that you will get your hands on a case as soon as the company has perfected them. Love this idea? Hate it? Let me know below!