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  • The New Canon Pixma Printer Is Perfect
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What device do you use to take pictures? If you are like most people, the answer to this question is likely: my phone or my tablet. Taking photos with a phone or tablet is easy, and makes posting to sites like Facebook simple. But, there's a big problem with snapping digital pics. You can't print out a copy of those pictures without a bit of a hassle.

Why print? Because nothing replaces an actual physical photograph, and storing pictures digitally is risky if you haven't backed up those photos properly. This is where Canon's newest Pixma printer comes into play. Pixmas uses the cloud to connect your digital photos to a printer that prints in beautiful color.

The Canon Pixma Printer

Canon's newest Pixma printer works in conjunction with the free PPS app. Using this app, you can snap a digital photo with your phone or tablet or other devices, tap on the app, and print your photos instantly.

You can print photos from social networks like Instagram and Facebook, and you can also print any kind of Word or Draft document. If you see something on your screen, you can print it. Canon is merging digital with physical, and this is where printing should be headed.

The Canon Pixma printer is compatible with various cloud services like Facebook, Dropbox, and Twitter too. All it takes is one tap, and any photo or document you see can be printed instantly. Both of the new Canon Pixma printers (the company has released two: the MG7120 and the MG5520) come with dual trays, and also have the ability to scan and copy.

The MG5520 and the MG7120: differences

The main difference between Canon's two new Pixma printers is that the MG5520 has a five-ink system and a 2.5-inch LCD screen. The MG7120 has a six-ink system, and a 3.5-inch LCD screen. Both printers work with Google Cloud Print and Apple Air Print too.

This is, by far, the best digital-to-print option on the market. Canon's app makes it really simple to tap and print on the go, and the dual-tray option makes it easy to print photos and documents at the same time. The Pixmas printers also look great with a modern design and nice color options.

Pricing and Other Details

You might expect such an innovative printer to come with a hefty price tag, but that's not Canon's style. These printers are priced at $199.99 (MG7120) and $149.99 (MG5520). For most consumers, these prices are well within range, and the Pixma makes a lot of sense. There's no doubt about it, Canon will be selling a lot of Pixma printers this holiday season! Well done, Canon, well done.

Canon is clearly headed in the right direction when it comes to merging digital technology, apps, and cloud-based options with printed photographs and documents. When it comes down to it, digital photos are great, but nothing beats the look or feel of a printed photograph. What do you think of Canon's new Pixma printers? Will you buy one?