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  • Carbon Copy Cloner: An Excellent Backup Tool
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Backing up drives is important. Carbon Copy Cloner makes backing up entire drives and scheduling future backups simple. Carbon Copy Cloner is a donation-based application that has been around for a long time and still proves to be one of the best of its kind. A user-friendly interface combined with features and tools that just make sense are why Carbon Copy Cloner is so popular. The developers behind Carbon Copy Cloner have also made a point of keeping up with current versions of Mac’s OS, which is something that a lot of other Mac applications have not done. If you’re looking to backup a drive, there are many reasons why Carbon Copy Cloner should be your number one consideration. Starting with user-friendliness and ending with a seriously unbeatable price tag, Carbon Copy Cloner covers all the bases.

User-Friendly Interface

While copying entire drives could be complicated, Carbon Copy Cloner makes this process easy. Users can back up entire drives, select files to backup, or set the application to backup only those files that have changed since the last backup was performed. The customization options and features are easily one of the main reasons why Carbon Copy Cloner is in demand. This program doesn’t really include any kind of a learning curve, which is actually very refreshing. Further, anyone can install Carbon Copy Cloner and simply use the tool after the initial installation.

There’s lots of room for error when it comes to backup tools like this one, but Carbon Copy Cloner manages to make the entire process a smooth one from beginning to end. Due to its user friendly interface, Carbon Copy Cloner is easily one of the best backup programs on the market (and it’s not really even on the market, since it’s a donation-based application!).

Compatibility and Use

Carbon Copy Cloner is compatible with iPods and Macs, making it ideal to use for all kinds of backup purposes. Perhaps the only drawback to Carbon Copy Cloner is the lack of an extended feature set. Then again, some programs don’t need to have a lot of features in order to operate smoothly and this is one of them. If you’re looking to backup to an optical disc, you should know that Carbon Copy Cloner can’t make this happen. Otherwise, this is an excellent program that makes the whole backup process simple – not to mention the fact that Carbon Copy Cloner comes with an unbeatable price tag.

You won’t have to fork over a lot of cash in order to purchase Carbon Copy Cloner. This program is absolutely free to try (limited), and it can be purchased for just $10. Really, if you want to backup drives quickly and painlessly, that $10 is money well spent. Carbon Copy Cloner has been around for many years, and it’s safe to say that this program will also be around for many more years. It’s also nice to note that Carbon Copy Cloner is a completely clean download that won’t install anything unwanted on your computer.