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  • Carbon: What This Twitter Client Is All About
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If you work or play in the Twittersphere, you’ve probably heard about a new Twitter management app called Carbon. If not, this article will detail the ins and outs of Carbon and why this app is really turning a lot of heads. First and foremost, the Carbon crew looks at Twitter in a different way than all the other Twitter management app developers – something that’s just really apparent from the first time you download the Carbon app. Secondly, Carbon allows users to go through a Twitter feed faster and more efficiently than any other Twitter management tool on the market.

If you happen to have a Windows phone, you might have seen what Carbon can do already. If not, you’re in luck if you have an Android phone, since Carbon is officially rolling out to Android phones everywhere this week. If you’re in need of a new Twitter management app, here’s a very close look at what Carbon can do – and why this should be the only Twitter management tool you’re using.

Carbon: Different From the Interface

As the name of this app might suggest, Carbon’s interface is coal black. In the murky darkness of the Carbon interface, you’ll see why black is such a great color for the background of this app. Carbon displays user photographs behind a user’s information, so you can really see what the person you’re connecting with looks like. You can also see all of those important Twitter profile details right from the start (no waiting around and scrolling around to view important details). Carbon also lets users swipe from left to right and top to bottom in order to scroll through a Twitter newsfeed really quickly.

You know how tough it is to scroll through a Twitter feed using other management apps? Well, this won’t happen with Carbon. You can tilt your phone, shift to the right of left, and scroll pretty much any way that you want to with Carbon, and you’ll see everything that you need to see and nothing that you don’t want to see. In short, Carbon just shows you how Twitter looks and works differently, and in this case different is good – really good. There’s just one thing that’s not great about Carbon from where this reviewer stands…


Right now, Carbon is only available on Windows phones and has been a privilege for Windows phone users for some time now. Today, the Carbon team announced that the app would be available for Android users. So, Windows and Android users will be able to take advantage of what Carbon has to offer. Sadly, this isn’t the case for iOS users who are, for once, left out in the cold when it comes to a really cool and useful app. I’m guessing that the Carbon team is working on an iPhone app right now, but Apple is notoriously difficult to please when it comes to app approval, so we’ll see how that development goes (I’ll keep you updated).
If you do have a Windows or Android phone, make sure to download his app to see how much better Twitter on your phone can be.