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  • CardFlick: Build a Better Business Card
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Business cards are useful, but they’re also bulky – some would even say passГ©. Carrying around a number of business cards isn’t something that most people do. Sure, it’s a good idea to pass along your information whenever you meet a potential career contact, but cards aren’t always the best option. This is where CardFlick comes into play.

CardFlick is a new app created for the iPhone that lets you create and “flick” virtual business cards to potential contacts. CardFlick uses Facebook information to generate your business card, which means that your card is constantly changing. If this sounds like something out of an Asimov book, you’re right, it is. But, at the same time, CardFlick has the potential to be a very useful app.

How It Works

As soon as you download the CardFlick app (free) from the Apple App Store, you’ll be ready to roll. CardFlick will ask to gain your location information and access your Facebook profile. Once that’s complete, a virtual business card that includes your email address, website information, and current Facebook photo will appear.

You can then choose from a handful of different card designs. After you’ve created a card that you like, the idea is that you can share this card with other iPhone or CardFlick members – yep, there’s the problem. As with so many apps, you can only send your virtual card to contacts if they have the app as well. Sure, the sending part is fun (I’ll get to that in a minute), but it’s relatively futile unless you know someone who uses the CardFlick service as well.

Flicking Your Card

If you do happen to find someone who’s downloaded CardFlick to their own iPhone, you can literally use your finger to “flick” your card to another person’s phone. Within minutes, your card should appear in that person’s CardFlick contacts. I was unable to test out the flicking function, since I don’t know anyone who is currently using CardFlick. I’m guessing that this will change as more people hear about the CardFlick app.

Some Drawbacks

Aside from the fact that few people are using CardFlick right now, there are some other glitches that I noticed when testing out the CardFlick app. First, it’s hard to update or edit your business card information. For example, I edited my phone number and website, but my virtual card was not updated as it should have been. Instead, my card was left without these vital details.

Second, CardFlick developers should include more business card design options. Right now, the designs are somewhat lackluster, and the cards included with the app may not work for all kinds of businesses. I’m sure that CardFlick will add more designs in the near future though, so this isn’t such a big deal. Lastly, if you don’t have Facebook, you can’t use CardFlick. Presumably, people who would download a virtual business card app are also the same sorts of people who are social network savvy, but this may not be true. CardFlick should also connect with people who use LinkedIn – a more viable choice for this type of business app, it seems.