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  • Carrot Alarm: Noise With a Side of Sass
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There's no debating the fact that alarm clocks are annoying. If you can swing it, it's best to wake up the natural way, but that's not always a possibility. If you do need an alarm clock to help you get out of bed, there are plenty of apps and options on the market, but none of them are quite like Carrot Alarm.

Carrot Alarm is an alarm app for your iPhone that comes with a sense of humor. This isn't like any other alarm app that you've encountered, and it's guaranteed to make you laugh (and maybe make you a bit angry in the process). Here's how Carrot Alarm works.

Using Carrot Alarm

Carrot Alarm might get mad at you if you sleep in. Or, the alarm might sing to you if you decide to try and hit snooze. Carrot may also yell at you if you try and poke the snooze button too many times - the female AI likes to yell when she doesn't successfully wake you up the first time - but that's not all.

Carrot will ask you to complete a rash of silly games before the alarm actually shuts off. So, you may have to figure out a riddle or work on a puzzle mid-snooze if you want that annoying alarm noise to go away. But, Carrot isn't all bad. She will reward you for good behavior by letting you level-up to new songs, better games, and other fun bits.

Using the Alarm

Carrot Alarm is easy to use too. You can set your alarm time by vertically swiping to apply 15-minute intervals, or you can tap above or below that vertical swipe to set 5-minute intervals. All you have to do to hit snooze is swipe downwards, and you can set your time before bed easily enough by dragging and dropping the Carrot virtual eye icon.

Carrot Alarm is an excellent way to wake up with a smile on your face, if you happen to have a hard time waking up in the morning. Then again, this alarm might just annoy some people to the point that the app is erased. If you do happen to love the idea of the Carrot Alarm, you can purchase the app from the App Store for $.99.

Is Android Coming?

Sorry, Android users, there's no word on whether or not Carrot Alarm will hit Android phones soon. I'd like to think that the developers behind this sassy app have Android in mind (after all, iPhone doesn't rule the phone space, right?), but you never know.

For now, Carrot Alarm remains iOS exclusive, and it's an app that will put a smile on your face in the morning - even if you don't want to get out of bed! What better way to wake up than by listening to a female AI voice yell and scream at you?

I can't think of any! But, you may annoy your partner with this app if you have different waking times, and that would be a bad thing...or would it?