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  • CashStar: A Great Way to do Business
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Each holiday season, millions of companies across the world panic. You know you have to send gifts to your clients, but figuring out what kind of gift to send is difficult. Further, trying to figure out a way to send that gift can be downright frustrating. CashStar is a website that makes giving gift cards simple. This site offers businesses and consumers numerous ways to send gift cards.

In addition, CashStar offers gift cards from hundreds of different vendors including some very popular vendors. If you want to send a gift card to someone who lives in a small town, CashStar may be able to help you there too. With this gift card website, you can select a business that’s located in a small town. In short, CashStar makes giving gifts personal.

More Ways to Send Gifts

If you want to send someone a gift card, you have a few different options with CashStar. You can send a gift card through email, to someone’s smartphone, or through a social media network. These options make it simple to send any kind of gift card to anyone at any time. You don’t even have to buy an envelope or lick a stamp to send out a gift card. All you have to do is figure out how you want to send it, enter the recipient’s information, and send away.

The whole CashStar process is straightforward and simple. The only thing that seems slightly confusing is the payment structure of the website. In order to learn more about this service, you must contact CashStar via phone or email, and this might intimidate some people. The other option is to read through the text on the CashStar website, but this is slightly confusing.

New Funding

Not only does this reviewer think that CashStar is a great website, investors think that CashStar has lots of potential too. CashStar just gained $12 million dollars in funding from investors. The company plans to use this money to make giving gift cards even easier and more personalized. If you’re looking for a way to send out a holiday gift card this year, take a good look at CashStar.

CashStar Promotions

CashStar also has a lot of potential for companies that rely on various promotions. If you want to make, for example, a coffee company gift card the center of a promotion, it’s easy to send out this gift card through CashStar.

All you have to do is link a CashStar gift card with your current promotion through a social network, and you will have a great way to connect with potential clients right away. The whole thing is simple and easy, which is exactly what CashStar is aiming for.

To Find Out More

As mentioned, you’ll have to contact CashStar in order to get pricing details. My resources tell me that this site is very easy to use, and that pricing is very reasonable. You can also take a look at the information listed on the CashStar website.