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  • Time Warner Customers: No More Online CBS Access
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When fights between networks break out, customers are often punished. That's exactly what's happening between Time Warner Cable and CBS right now. The two companies could not come to agreements over contract terms, so Time Warner Cable subscribers can no longer view CBS shows. CBS has yanked all shows from Time Warner Customers, including Internet customers.

In place of normal CBS shows, Time Warner customers will currently view an ad that states: "Content Not Available! Call Time Warner and Tell Them You Want Your CBS Back!" Yes, it's as juvenile as it sounds, but it's what's happening right now for many Time Warner customers. The question is, though, is this legal?

Can Networks Be Dropped?

Not much can be done when watching TV from your living room couch (other than calling Time Warner and insisting on a discount due to the dropped channel!). However, there's such a thing as 'net neutrality,' and this may be one very good reason why CBS can't restrict access to Internet viewers.

Net Neutrality refers to the movement to keep the Internet free for all. This concept is based on freedom on the Internet for everyone, and that means no restrictions are allowed in the form of content blocking (technically). But, there aren't any real governing bodies enforcing these rules, so it's hard to really get anywhere screaming "net neutrality!" Still, it's a childish fight that winds up punishing cable subscribers both via TVs and the internet.

Does It Matter?

Interestingly, Time Warner Cable customers aren't too concerned about the loss of CBS broadcasting. In fact, many customers just want a discount of some kind, and don't care at all about the actual programming. Maybe Time Warner has hit a nail on the head, and one of the biggest networks might actually be proven unnecessary.

Could this be the end of a network? Customers that have been weighing in on this story via Internet today have stated that CBS runs nothing but bad shows anyway - while this may or may not be true, some people only watch the network to gain news information. However, the Internet (and countless apps) can provide people with just as many news options. So, CBS might not have a leg to stand on here. What are the two companies fighting over? Money, of course.

Other News Options

Because networks don't often offer the most unbiased news available, let's take a look at some other news sources that you can check out (up to the minute) in place of CBS.

2News 360 app
3Any social network - especially Twitter
4Google News

Any one of these websites or apps will provide you with a quick flash of current news. You can also look at newspaper websites such as the NY Times or local paper sites in your area. You see? You don't need a network like CBS when it comes to news and information. Now, if you want to watch a show that CBS plays, you'll have to find another way to get around this current ban.