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Most cell phones have some type of keyboard. Virtual keyboards are generally quick and easy to use, while tangible keyboards provide users with familiarity. Seemingly, many cell phone manufacturers add keyboards as afterthoughts, though some manufacturers put a great amount of time into perfecting a phone’s keyboard. From sending emails to sending quick texts, a responsive keyboard that’s easy to use is worthwhile. Great phones that include excellent keyboards can be purchased from $50+.

Note: all prices included in this document were accurate at the time of this writing.

Apple iPhone 4 -- $299

The Apple iPhone 4 comes with a keypad that Apple bills as “intelligent.” This keypad leaves plenty of room for fingers, is responsive, and it also remembers the keys that you use frequently. By tracking the words that you type, the iPhone 4 keyboard can also suggest words that you may want to use. This feature is convenient when it comes to sending quick text messages. The iPhone 4 keyboard is also nicely laid out, which makes typing a lot faster.

HTC Evo 4G -- $179+

The HTC EVO 4G has a unique keyboard that is simple to use when placed in landscape mode. Average-paced typists will find the keyboard easy to use. It is also possible to type using one finger with the HTC EVO keyboard. Most people will find the keyboard included on this phone satisfactory, though fast typists may become frustrated with EVO. When compared to other phones in EVO’s class, this phone did not registered quickly typed keys as well. Still, the EVO proves to be a great phone with a large and responsive keyboard.

Samsung Epic 4G -- $150+

The Samsung Epic 4G has one of the best slide-out keyboards on the market. Keys on the Epic are evenly spaced, wide enough for most finger sizes, and responsive. Each letter on the Epic’s keyboard is also raised, which makes typing easier. As compared to other phones in Epic’s class, this phone easily beats the rest when it comes to an actual keyboard. Epic does have a virtual keyboard that many will find useful, though the slide-out keyboard that Epic features is really where this phone stands out from the crowd.

HTC Droid Incredible -- $50+

The HTC Droid has one of the best on-screen keyboards available. Unlike other phones, Droid’s keyboard tends to register all of the keys pressed quickly. In addition, Droid is very responsive, which makes typing a quick text simple. Fast typists will appreciate how quick Droid is, though slow typists will also appreciate Droid’s easy to use keyboard layout. Droid’s keyboard also has an auto-correct feature that will prevent most typing mistakes from happening.