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  • Cell Phones for Seniors: GreatCall vs. Consumer Cellular
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Cell phones for seniors and cell phone carriers for seniors are starkly different from the typical gadget-savvy consumer market. Finding a service that allows you to make
all the calls you want without adding any miscellaneous fees to your monthly bill is even harder.
Cell phone companies aren’t known for their honesty, though some are better than others. As
consumers crack down on companies that try to charge random fees, cell phone companies, in
general, are becoming more reliable.

Within the senior cell phone market, two companies have begun to stand out. These two
companies are GreatCall and Consumer Cellular. Both GreatCall and Consumer Cellular offer
interesting plans, though, in the end, one company clearly surpasses the other.

Consumer Cellular Benefits

Consumer Cellular offers a number of different family plans. Consumer Cellular has worked
hard to create family plans that make sense, which is why many people opt for this company.
Another good reason to choose Consumer Cellular is this company’s online help and support
system. A website help format may be hard for some seniors to access, but Consumer Cellular
also offers a customer service phone number that can be used during weekdays. As with most
companies that are considered by seniors, Consumer Cellular does not require users to sign a

GreatCall Benefits

GreatCall (Jitterbug) offers users a number of different monthly plans. Some plans are as low as
$14 per month. Aside from plan flexibility, GreatCall has gained a lot of praise for its customer
support services. Unlike other cell phone companies, GreatCall offers constant customer support
via phone and Internet. As with Consumer Cellular, GreatCall does not require users to sign any
kind of contract.

Consumer Cellular Complaints

The biggest consumer complaint against Consumer Cellular is a lack of weekend customer
service. If you have a problem with your phone during the weekend, you’ll have to fix the
problem by viewing Consumer Cellular’s website or wait until Monday. Another drawback are
some miscellaneous fess that Consumer Cellular charges. Various consumer complaints have
been lodged against this company regarding billing issues.

GreatCall Complaints

GreatCall could use some help in the customer service department. Although consumers can
call GreatCall at any time, customer service operators are not always helpful (partly due to

outsourcing). Aside from this drawback, GreatCall has earned a positive Better Business Bureau
rating (A), and this company continues to charge clients fairly. As such, GreatCall is the better
choice for seniors who don’t want to argue over every phone bill. In fact, GreatCall is the better
choice all-around based on availability, reliability, and honesty.