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  • Is a Kindle Fire Coming Soon?
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Why doesn't everyone have a tablet? The logical answer is: tablets are too expensive. Most tablets are well over the $200 mark, and that's just too much to justify spending for most people. Within the tablet world, Amazon reigns supreme over the least expensive tablets, but most of Amazon's tablets are still over $100.

News today points at a change in tablet pricing, though. According to a report by TechCrunch, Amazon is working on a much cheaper tablet. Apparently, the company is developing a $99 Kindle Fire. Whether or not this report holds complete truth has yet to be seen. But, it would make a great deal of sense.

What's Known So Far

At this point, TechCrunch is reporting that the $99 Fire will have a 1280 X 800 display; a 7-inch screen; and a TI processor. If you're thinking that this sounds a lot like the current 7-inch Fire, you're not completely wrong. It does sound like the current version, so what will be different about the new one? Where will Amazon be cutting costs?

It's really not clear how or why Amazon will be offering a $99 Fire. Presumably, the company is just going after an untapped market. Amazon already corners the market with content, so why not a new tablet that anyone can easily purchase? The tablet competition is tough with Google and Apple in the mix, so scooping up the market that doesn't currently own a tablet might be a good move. Most people can spend $99 on a tablet, but not much more than that.

More Advertisements?

If Amazon is actually making a cheaper version of the Fire, it's fairly safe to assume that the cut costs will come in the form of advertising. Consumers that purchase the cheaper tablet might not be able to skip numerous ads. Then again, for $99, putting up with ads might actually be worth it. Of course, it all depends on how you view the Kindle Fire.

For some, the Fire is a sub-par tablet that's not worth a $99 purchase. How does the Fire stack up to the rest? Limitation-wise, the Fire does restrict content to Amazon, but that's not such a bad thing (Amazon is the content king), and it doesn't have quite the same hardware capabilities as the iPad and other tablets. But, really, the Fire is a decent tablet if you just want something that's fun and casual.

Where, When, and How?

So, now that you know Amazon might very well be working on a $99 tablet, you might be wondering how to get your hands on that tablet. Well, Amazon hasn't released these details yet. Generally, product launches happen during the summer season, so I wouldn't be shocked if that's when Amazon's new tablet comes out. Whether that quoted price tag is correct or not isn't certain, though it does seem like a feasible price point.

As usual, Amazon isn't letting any details of this tablet out quite yet. Now that TechCrunch has started the rumour mills, Amazon will likely weigh in sometime soon. Would you buy a $99 Fire?