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  • How to Choose an Anti-Virus Program
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Antivirus software is a necessity. Not having an antivirus program will set your system up for disaster. Some antivirus programs are expensive, while others are free. Yet, determining which program to use has very little to do with price. A simple interface, complete system protection, and positive user reviews are important things to look for when shopping for an antivirus program.

Program Vs. Suite

There are two types of system protection software available. Antivirus programs simply protect your system from viruses. Antivirus suites include a firewall protection, anti-spyware, spam filters, and various other protection options. While suites are more expensive to purchase, these complete program packages can be worth the expense in the long run.

Opting for a suite means eliminating the need to purchase additional protective software. Should you choose to purchase a suite, make sure that the suite you are looking into can run on one system alone. Also, find a suite that has a user-friendly interface. Overly complex programs will prove to be a challenge in more ways than one.


Advanced computer specialists may not have any problem personalizing a complicated antivirus program or suite. However, this is not the case for the majority of antivirus users. A user-friendly program should include a precise set-up (usually accompanied by some type of program wizard). Any program or suite should also be easy to use on a regular basis.

Look for programs that include scheduled system scans and automatic updates. These two basic functions will save both time and energy. Any program that requires users to manually input specific protection information may be too confusing for most users. Most companies offer users 30 to 40-day trial packages. Taking advantage of program trials is the best way to become acquainted with a program.

Free Vs. Purchase

Many free antivirus programs and suites exist. Contrary to popular belief, many of these programs are just as good (if not better) than pricier versions. While some expensive programs contain more protection than various free programs, expense is not the best way to shop for an antivirus program of any kind.

Instead, take a look at editorial and user reviews. You’ll quickly find that a large number of free programs include firewalls, spyware, antivirus protection, and other forms of protection that rival the best expensive suites. Should you choose to user a free antivirus, make sure to download all programs from a reputable site.

Business-Specific Antivirus Programs

Most free antivirus programs are meant for individual use only. Further, many paid programs were built for household or single computer user. Business systems require a different type of antivirus program or suite. Since most businesses have more than one computer running on one network, a business-specific antivirus program must be able to handle more than one computer at concurrently.

While multi-usage antivirus programs are slightly more difficult to install, these programs should also be relatively user-friendly. In fact, all of the details listed above should also apply to a business-specific antivirus program.

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