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  • Choosing an Ergonomic Mouse Pad
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As the number of people and the amount of time spent on the computer grows, hand injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome are climbing. If you suffer from sore, tender or painful hand problems, your mouse pad may be at fault. If this is the case, an ergonomic mouse pad can provide relief. But with so many choices, which kind should you buy? Read on and you'll discover how to choose an ergonomic mouse pad that is right for you.

Always "test drive" the mouse pad before buying. It doesn’t take long, but if you don't, the pad may end up in your junk drawer, or you may even intensify your hand condition. Here are some suggestions to consider when you "test drive" mouse pads.

Tip #1

Pick a pad that has a palm rest made from gel. You have many tendons and nerves in your forearm and wrist, and the soft substance will help minimize stress.

Tip #2

Be sure that your palm rests comfortably on the palm rest. A lot of people believe that their wrist should stay on the rest, but in fact it's the base of your palm that needs support. Check to make sure you can move the mouse easily from this position.

Tip #3

The thickness of the palm rest needs to be about 1.5 inches tall. If you use your mouse while standing, your hand would fall at a healthy angle. The goal is to create this angle while sitting so as to reduce repetitive stress.

Tip #4

The palm rest of the mouse pad should be sturdy. It needs to connect directly to the pad, or if it is freestanding then it ought to be sticky enough not to move around. You don’t want the palm rest to move around during normal use.

Tip #5

Think about the size and shape of the overall pad and where you plan to use it. Ergonomic mouse pads come in all shapes and sizes. If you choose unwisely, it can make the pad uncomfortable to use. If you have a laptop, think about the different desks, tables and various places you spend time at. Laptop users might benefit from a smaller pad size. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of your mouse to accommodate the smaller area. Desktop PC users have a wider range of sizes available to them.

Whatever ergonomic mouse pad you choose, make sure it is the right match for you and everyone who will be using it. The health of your hands is incredibly important. It can affect your ability to work, play and even your internal well-being. If you believe you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, you should see a doctor. When found early, the injury is treatable and healing is possible in a few months. More serious cases of carpal tunnel syndrome are also treatable, but recovery might take as long as a year.