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  • Chrome Takes Over Firefox
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A browser storm has been brewing for awhile now, and it seems as though this storm is finally in full swing with a clear winner coming out on top. When computers first became mainstream, Internet Explorer had the majority of the browser market. Then, along came Firefox to capture mainstream attention. Now, Chrome has arrived on the scene and more and more people are using Chrome – so many people, in fact, that Chrome might just be pushing past Firefox. Amazingly, Explorer still dominates the majority of the browser market, though this may soon change thanks to Chrome.

New data being passed around this morning shows that Chrome has successfully converted many Firefox users. Further, this data shows that Chrome may soon be the search engine to beat. What’s so special about Chrome and why has Google suddenly taken over the world? Will the Google madness stop anytime soon or will it soon be a Google planet? Well, it all depends on how you look at it (and, of course, what browser you currently use).

Google Mania

Google is everywhere these days. From Google Plus to Android, it’s certainly shaping up to be a Google world. Aside from the fact that Google is constantly innovating, consumers are starting to gravitate towards all things Google. While it seemed for awhile that most Internet users would never be able to pull themselves away from the loveable Firefox, Google’s Chrome is simply different. Not only is Chrome fast, but this browser is also updated regularly. What’s more, Chrome users don’t even need to update Chrome in order to get the latest version of the browser.

Chrome is also uniquely different. This browser contains various extensions that are just plain fun to use. Aside from all of these things, it can’t be ignored that Google has thousands of loyal fans out there. Chances are that if you’re using an Android phone, you’re hooked up to G+ and you use Chrome by default. All of these things add up to a browser that many people simply enjoy using.

Simply Faster

After this morning’s data was released, numerous Chrome users weighed in across various blogs about Chrome’s effectiveness. Seemingly, the reason why people use Chrome over all others is that Chrome is simply faster. Sure, there are still loyal Firefox fans out there (and Google and Firefox do have a good relationship), but Chrome seems to win hands down for its lightning fast speed. If you haven’t given Chrome a try, go ahead and see what this browser has to offer. If you’re still using IE, ask yourself why. Choosing Chrome or Firefox over IE would, seemingly, suit your browsing needs better.

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox, it will be interesting to see which browse will come out on top. Google has long dominated the search world, and now the company is looking to take over the browser world too. Already, Google is having much more success with Chrome than the company ever did with Google Plus – as it stands, Google seems to have found its (non-social networking) niche.