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  • Chrome for iOS Gets an Update
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News of an impending update for Chrome has been circulating for a few weeks. Yesterday, the first update was finally released. The premise behind the upcoming Chrome updates will be, it seems, to make connecting to your favorite social media site easier – and this is exactly what the new Chrome update does.

Now when you use Chrome for iOS, you can connect any browser page for your favorite social site. For example, if you happen upon this amazing article and you want to share it with others, all you have to do is look at the top of your Chrome screen, click the social network you love the most, and that great site will be shared instantly.

Google has been hard at work perfecting the new Chrome for iOS. Not only does the company want to show iOS users what Google can do, but Google is also winning over some iPhone users who are just fed up of Safari. Chrome, as it seems, will certainly become one of the most popular iOS browsers available.

Additional Chrome Updates

Aside from the new browser-sharing feature, Google hasn’t released a ton of Chrome for iOS updates. But, there are a few things worth noting. The first noticeable difference is that Google has effectively fixed some Chrome bugs (always a good thing). Another noticeable and fun feature is the synched tabs feature. This feature allows users to synch tabs across devices. So, for example, you could open a browser page on your phone, and that same page would then pop up on your desktop, tablet, or laptop.

Google has stated that additional updates will be hitting the iOS scene soon. Now that Chrome is taking over the iOS playing field, it will be interesting to see whether or not Android picks up some new users. Right now, Chrome is certainly making a splash where avid iOS fans are concerned. Essentially, Chrome and Safari are the two best iOS options, and Safari could use a ton of work.

Connecting to Social Networks

As mentioned, you can now use Chrome to connect any browser page to a social network with the new Chrome update. Available networks include Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, Google Plus. Google has also made it possible to send any browser page via email. Simply tapping on a share button makes it a lot easier to send information or post to social pages. This is just one more reason why Google’s innovation is always front and center when it comes to avid smartphone users. Even if Google can’t overtake Apple in other departments, Google certainly can entice Apple users who want a better browser.

With the upcoming release of the new iPhone, it will be interesting to see if Apple updates Safari for iOS too. Right now, Safari is the default iOS browser, but Apple may just come out with something better (or similar) in the near future. If you have an iPhone, will you check out what Google has to offer? Is Safari your browser of choice? Let us know what you think about this update in the comments.