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  • Chromes Pushes Past Firefox
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Google’s Chrome browser has been gaining popularity for some time now. Those who have tested the Google browser tend to like it a lot. Some, in fact, like it more than Firefox. New numbers coming from the United Kingdom report that more people within the U.K are choosing Chrome over Firefox.

Chrome is a fast browser that comes with many great add-ons. While Firefox was once the browser to beat, devout Firefox users have since shifted gears to Chrome, which promises to be faster and lighter than Firefox ever was. Now, it seems, Chrome is the browser to beat.

Some Still Hanging On To Explorer
It’s interesting to learn that some U.K. Internet users are still hanging onto Explorer. Explorer has largely gained a bad reputation ever since the dawn of Firefox, and, perhaps, before that. It seemed like the whole Internet community switched from Explorer to Firefox when the fox first appeared, but numbers report that this is not the case throughout the United Kingdom.

According to Statcounter (a tracking company), Internet Explorer still claims 45.51% of the U.K market. That’s means a lot of people are still using Explorer daily. The fact that Explorer’s numbers have been decreasing steadily for a few months now does give some indication that Chrome is bound to take over the majority of the U.K market in months ahead. As for Firefox, the company is still gaining new followers, but Chrome has surpasses the sassy fox coming in at 22.12% of the market as compared to Firefox’s 21.65%.

What’s so Great About Chrome?

What’s the number one thing people want when surfing the web? Survey says: speed. When it comes to speed, Chrome beats Firefox and Explorer hands down. In addition to lightning fast speeds, Chrome is extremely stable. This is not to say that Firefox isn’t stable, it really is, but Chrome’s stability is at a whole different level.

Chrome is also far more open than Firefox or Explorer. Google has open sourced Chrome to the Internet community at large. Albeit, Google has the funds to make Chrome more open, but it’s a feature that people love all the same. Lastly, Chrome is king when it comes to privacy. You can surf the net in “Incognito” mode, and you won’t leave a surfing trail.

If you like to look at pages that others don’t like you to look at, this small feature is a huge benefit. When all of these things have been combined, Chrome is the clear winner. So, it’s no wonder that Firefox is being surpassed by people who have just learned about Chrome’s abilities.

The Future of Firefox

Is that cute and cuddly fox about to fade into the background? Not likely. Instead, Firefox is bound to attempt to catch up to Chrome. By updating the browser regularly, offering new features, and creating a buzz when new versions roll out, Firefox aims to keep competing with Chrome.

In addition, some people aren’t ready to give up on the fox altogether. There are a lot of things that Firefox does right. As far as Internet Explorer goes, well, it’s hard to imagine why anyone is still using IE. But, to each his own, I suppose the browser goes.