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  • This Chrome Extension Makes Reading Easier
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A lot of work goes into building the perfect website. If the company behind the website is doing it all right, developers and marketers spend hours scrutinizing each line of text, logo, and design so that it all makes sense for people visiting that site. The slightest color change can increase site visits drastically, and that's something that the developer behind Beeline Reader has been experimenting with.

Beeline Reader is a new Chrome extension that makes reading any line or paragraph of text simpler. How? This extension uses psychology paired with A/B testing to present certain lines of text in various colors. Why colors? As it turns out, our brains like words that are colored.

Reading Colors Faster

This new Chrome extension re-formats lines of text on any given page that you're viewing (if you have the extension and you use Chrome). Once reformatted, the extension splits up lines of text into various colors. You see, our brains prefer some colors over others, and this lets us read faster.

If you're a marketer, this type of color testing has a totally different meaning. It means that you can creates lines of text in various colors - and even make sure that some lines of text are read or perceived as more important than others. In short: you can make sure that people visiting a website see what you want them to see. That, folks, is some powerful marketing.

Using and Getting the Extension

You can get Beeline Reader by visiting the company's site and downloading the extension to your desktop. The main purpose in developing this extension was (originally) to help people read through lines of text rapidly, so that you don't actually skip a line (which tends to happen if you speed read). For most, this is a useful way to read quickly, and Beeline Reader can make reading easier.

If you want to give Beeline Reader a try, you can download and use the extension right away. If you don't like the extension, you can always get rid of it. Beeline Reader also includes a 'Pasteboard' function on the company's website. This feature allows you to copy and paste a line or paragraphs of text, and Beeline Reader will cut it up and color code it for you. If you have a lot of text to read, Beeline Reader might be worth a shot.

Some Possible Negative

For most, Beeline Reader will make a lot of sense, and this reader will be very useful. For others, Beeline Reader is distracting (this could be true if you are already a fast reader). In order to find out if Beeline Reader will work for you (or distract you), you'll have to give the extension a shot. As far as Chrome extensions go, this is the first one of its kind.

What do you think of Beeline Reader? Is this a brilliant way to sell text on websites, or is it just a way to make reading text simpler? I'd love to hear what your thoughts are below!