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  • Churnalism: Find Out If You're Really Reading News
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There's something you should know about the media. Journalists get the news before everyone else does. Often, this news comes in the form of a press release. Press releases are news articles written to promote a company, and these release are, in turn, sent out through various press release channels.

While there's nothing wrong with a press release, these articles can't be considered good news sources, since they are largely biased. But, that doesn't stop a number of news websites from snagging press release information, and turning that information into a news article. If you happen to click on one of these articles, you may be reading news that's actually a press release -- and not real news.

How can you tell the difference? You can start by using a new site called 'Churnalism.'

What Churnalism Does

Adding a URL link to the Churnalism search box will provide you with source information about an article that you are currently reading. For example, you may be wondering if this article is really news-based, or if it's based on a press release that was recently sent out. To find out, all you have to do is paste this URL into the Churnalism search box, and you will soon see where the information for this article came from.

Why is Churnalism important? Believe it or not, "churnalism" is an actually journalistic term. This term refers to "pre-packaged" bits of information that are used by journalists to create news articles that seem real, but are actually based on press releases. When the general population reads one of these articles, a reader typically takes the information printed as fact. But, this may not be the case.

Sifting Fact From Fiction

Churnalism lets people know what is really a news article, and what is actually an article written to promote a particular company or product. In short, Churnalism tells you the truth. As we've seen lately, the truth, when it comes to news, is very important. Are you reading a press release or are you reading a real news story? Now you can tell the difference.

In an age where information is at our fingertips, we tend to take this information for granted. Often, we are guilty of reading a news story and believing everything that is printed in that story, whether or not it is true. What happens next is that we share those stories with other people, and something that is not true becomes truth. See how important Churnalism (the site, not the action) is?

Detecting Real News

How can you tell what's a real fact-based news story and what's simply a PR? Other than using the Churnalism site, it's really important to question everything. Conduct your own research, find out what is behind an article, and spend time wondering whether or not the article you are reading is based on truth.

Sure, it takes time to research an article, but wouldn't you rather spread truth? Check out the Churnalism site, and find out if what you're reading is journalism...or simply churnalism.