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  • CircleMe: Like Yourself
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These days, it seems like a new social network pops up every few weeks. Some of these networks are interesting while others were doomed from the start. CircleMe is a new social network that the jury is still out on. The concept of CircleMe is interesting, but one has to wonder whether or not this idea will catch on.

Essentially, CircleMe is a social network built for you (and others like you). This network connects and collects all the likes that you’ve, well, liked over the years via FourSquare, Facebook, and Netflix (Netflix? Yep, you read that right). After gathering bits of you from all around the web, this network will add those bits to your homepage. Why? The idea is to help you connect with people who share your interests.

Nix the Friends and Family Members

Most social networks (Google Plus and Facebook) connect you with friends and family members. This is all well and great, but what if you want to connect with people you don’t know simply to share something that you are passionate about? Well, this is hard to do through most other social networks, since people you don’t know aren’t likely to approve your friend request.

CircleMe gathers everything that you have liked on other social networks (read above to find out which ones), compiles all of these things (say, art, history, and books), and adds your likes in the form of circles to your profile page. Someone who shares your likes can then connect with you. The idea is interesting, but, again, I’m not certain that it will catch on for a few reasons.

Choice of Networks

CircleMe collects information about you from Facebook, FourSquare, and Netflix. One of these things is not like the other, but I digress. Seemingly, this network should snag bits of your electronic life from Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn as well. To be fair, CircleMe is in beta, so CircleMe may gather information from other networks soon. Of course, the other problem here is that you have to have a Facebook, FourSquare, or Netflix account to use CircleMe.

Facebook users may have FourSquare accounts, but this demographic doesn’t seem like the Netflix crowd. Then again, I’m sure CircleMe has done the appropriate market research, and my opinion may be an unfounded one. Regardless, it might be interesting to see the things that you’ve liked over the years. You may even find yourself stating: “what? I liked Harry Potter? When?”


As mentioned, CircleMe is currently in beta mode. If you head to the Mashable website and view the CircleMe article, you can gain an instant invite. If not, you can ask someone you know who’s signed up for the site for an invite or you can add your name to the invite list. CircleMe reports (via Mashable) that those who are currently using the site are responding positively.

If you want to find out all about the digital version of yourself, sign up for a CircleMe account today. Just one more note: what’s with the circle theme? There’s something familiar about circles and social networking sites, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it quite yet...Google Plus, anyone?