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  • Clamcase Pro: A Good (But Pricey) Buy
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When the Clamcase originally debuted, reviews of the iPad keyboard were less than favorable. The keyboard wasn’t responsive enough, the keys were crammed, and the whole thing was just out of balance. The team at Clamcase has been working on its keyboard design lately, and the result is the new Clamcase Pro. This time around, Clamcase gets it right with a keyboard that’s responsive, not too crammed, and a real delight to use.

Since the problem with iPads is that they don’t come with a great keyboard option (keyboards must be purchased separately), buying a keyboard accessory to go along with an iPad is must for most users. There are a bunch of keyboards designed and made for the iPad on the market, though most options are less than stellar. The Clamcase Pro might just be different enough to entice the majority of iPad users. Here’s what you’ll find if you purchase the Clamcase Pro.

Keyboard Layout and Responsiveness

The Clamcase Pro is far less cramped than the original Clamcase. While the keys are still slightly more mashed together than I would like, the average non-writing person will find the keyboard easy enough to use. As far as responsiveness goes, the Clamcase Pro is definitely responsive enough to type, play games, or perform any other keyboard function swiftly. The main reason why the Clamcase is such a good buy, though, is that this keyboard comes with a hinge attachment, which makes any iPad feel like an actual laptop.

Not only is the Clamcase Pro ideal for typing, it also comes with a stand built-in. If you flip the Clamcase Pro around, you can place your iPad in the carved stand slits. Once secured (easy to do), the Clamcase Pro acts as a stand that’s ideal for watching movies or TV shows –not a bad additional feature. This iPad keyboard also comes with a handy case that looks a lot like the MacBook Air. What about battery life? You’ll be surprised to know that the Clamcase Pro outlasts almost all of the competition. On one charge, the Clamcase Pro can last up to six months – that’s right, six months. The only drawback to the Clamcase Pro is the price.

Pricing and Availability

Purchasing the Clamcase Pro will set you back $169. That sticker price is a bit shocking, especially since most iPad keyboards on the market tend to retail for less than $100. Is the Clamcase Pro really worth that high price tag? It depends on how picky you are about your iPad keyboards. If you travel a lot for business and would rather carry an iPad than a laptop, purchasing a keyboard that makes typing easier is a good idea (even if it that keyboard does come with a high price tag).

If you are just looking for a casual keyboard that won’t get a lot of use, you might want to think about a cheaper option. Then again, most iPad keyboards do not come with a laptop-like hinge, stand, or amazingly awesome battery life. The Clamcase Pro works with both 4th generation iPads and the iPad 2, and the keyboard and is currently available.