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  • Clear: The Ultimate To Do List App
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Clear is a new iOS app that’s been generating a decent amount of buzz. While there are no shortage of to-do list apps in the world, Clear makes your every day to-do list a lot simpler. How? This app doesn’t come with any buttons. Instead, Clear makes the most use out of your iPhone’s touch screen. Simply tap, swipe, and pinch to get your tasks done. Sound amazing?

Well, you’re certainly not alone. Clear has been highly anticipated for months now.

As it stands, the developers behind Clear are the first to make total use of the iPhone’s touchscreen interface. While other app developers mix touchscreen actions with buttons, Clear is all about the screen – in fact, it’s the first app to be developed exclusively with the iPhone’s touchscreen in mind, and this puts Clear ahead of the pack.

How Clear Works

Any task that you deem important will be placed at the top of your Clear list. These tasks will be highlighted in orange, and any lesser tasks will deviate color-wise in a heat map sort of way. To add a task, all you have to do is pull down on your screen. To delete a task, just swipe, to move tasks, simply follow the Clear instructions – yes, it’s that easy. In fact, to-do list apps should be easy all around. Sadly, most of the list apps out there are complex in every manner. Perhaps that’s why Clear is taking the world by storm.

At first test, Clear is simple to use an intuitive. I only wish that this app were available for free, but that might be asking too much of such a cool app. Right now, you can purchase Clear for $.99, which is really a small price to pay. If you think that this price is too high, consider the other free list apps out there and how difficult those apps are to use. Now, think about all that you can do with your fingertips and your iPhone – is Clear starting to make more sense?


Unfortunately for BlackBerry and Android users, Clear is not available on either platform. However, iPhone users can download that latest version of Clear from the Apple Store. If you have an iOS device, make sure to check out this app. While Clear can’t do your shopping for you or refill your orders, this app can make your life a lot easier by adding some organization to your hectic workday.

While Clear has just been released, this app is already causing a stir. If you are in need of a to-do list app that makes life simpler, Clear is the app for you. However, I will warn you that this app works best for those simple to-do lists. You can add lots of tasks to your Clear list, but overly complex tasks might prove to be hard to add.

Really, Clear is a simple task list that will help you get through your day faster. Not only is Clear simple to use and quite intuitive, but it’s also a lot of fun to use this app once you get used to swiping, pinching, and tapping in a faster way. You may even find that creating a list becomes so fast and easy, you’ll forget all about those other apps. Want a quick way to make sure that everything gets done today? Check out Clear – you won’t be sorry!