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  • Clickfree C6 Portable Hard Drive: Simple and Useful
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Hard drives provide the best way to back up any kind of data. The Clickfree C6 comes with a promise that this is the user-friendliest hard drive out there. Does the Clickfree C6 actually live up to this claim? When tested, this hard drive did prove to be very simple to use. Not quite as simple as a touch screen hard drive, were one to exist, but a simple drive all the same.

Using the Clickfree C6 Drive

The first thing that you’ll notice about this drive is that it’s portable. Really portable. If you’re looking for a hard drive that you can stuff in a backpack, this is it. Measuring 4.7 by 3.1 (WH) and weighing less than six ounces, it’s hard to find a lighter or more compact drive on the current market. The Clickfree C6 is also wrapped in a nice glossy black plastic that won’t stand out but isn’t an eye-sore either.

The main purpose of the Clickfree C6 drive is automatic backup. Essentially, when this drive is plugged in, files should be automatically backed up. To remind users of this automatic function, the drive includes a cool blue light that activates when powered on. This drive comes with USB 3.0 too, so you won’t have to wait long in order to back up any file.


The Clickfree C6 drive only works with Windows. Windows versions supported include XP, 7, and Vista. If you have a Mac, you can’t use this drive (but there are other great Mac portable hard drives on the market). As mentioned above, the Clickfree C6 was built for ease of use. As such, this portable drive comes with lots of excellent and simple Clickfree software.

Software additions include: EASY Run which backs up individual files; EASY Music for (you guessed it) backing up and sorting music; EASY fix for crash recovery; EASY Imaging if you want to create a complete system backup; and EASY Viewer if you want to see what you’ve already backed up. As the name suggests, using any of these files is really, well, easy.

The Clickfree C6 hard drive can hold up to 1TB of files. Note: you should realize that the drive will backup your entire system the first time you plug it in. If you don’t want to back up everything, make sure to trim your files with the help of the EASY backup software (trimming options will appear).

This drive won’t repeat any backups, and backups that you’ve already created can be viewed with the EASY viewer. You can also schedule back up times or just plug the hard drive in to your computer and let it do its thing. As you can see, the Clickfree C6 drive is really user-friendly. So, how much can you expect to pay for a drive that’s so easy to use? Right now, the Clickfree C6 retails for around $150. This price might seem high, but this ultra-light, ultra-portable, and super user-friendly drive is really tough to beat – and I’ve reviewed a lot of portable drives!