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  • Clickfree C6 Portable: A Great Backup Option
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In need of a simple way to back up your files that can be easily transported anywhere you might need it? Look no further than the Clickfree C6 Portable. This lightweight powerhouse of a drive, features 1TB of storage space, allowing you to back up one or more PCs with ease. Easy is the key word for this device, evident in the names of the software included on the drive: EASY Imaging, EASY Run, EASY Organizer, and many more. That's the beauty of this drive: its simplicity.


The software included on the drive really make backing up your important information a snap, and it isn't hard to figure out what the different components do as they are named accordingly. Each utility makes backup of any type of information and access to this information EASY. Use EASY Run to back up new files automatically. EASY Imaging allows you to completely back up your computer. Use EASY Organizer to organize media files and photos, while EASY Music allows you to go through all of your music files and playlists quickly and easily. EASY Viewer is the simple way to see all of your backed up files. Did you lose some files the last time your computer crashed? EASY Restore will restore user-specified files, while EASY Fix automatically restores after a crash.

This baby was designed with portability in mind, weighing in at 5.6 ounces, and measuring 3.1 by 4.7 by 0.7 inches. It is built small, but is powerful enough to back up just about any computer offered on the market, sometimes more than one.


Once you plug the drive in, backup begins. This drive not only backs up your files and data, but also your operating system, hidden partitions, and software. If, somehow, your system takes up more space than the 1TB drive allows, you will be prompted to choose which folders you don't want backed up. The process can take a few hours, as to be expected when backing up a mass amount of information.

After the initial backup is complete, updates take much less time. Feel free to leave the Clickfree C6 plugged in to your computer and schedule backups to take place automatically, or unplug if you prefer and do all of your backups manually. If you do decide to leave it plugged in, know that your data can be secured and protected from unauthorized backups by locking the drive with a password.


It is recommended you use USB 3.0 connection. When connected with USB 2.0, the C6 Portable copied a test folder in 41 seconds, while the USB 3.0 connection copied the same folder in a mere 17 seconds. It doesn't seem like much of a difference, but when you are backing up massive amounts of data, it can save you hours in some cases.

The Clickfree C6 Portable is only available for Windows users (sorry, Macs), and can be purchased for about $150. For the space it offers and the ease with which one can use it, it is a good value for your money, especially with its two year warranty.