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  • Dealing With a Bad Client? This Site Lets You Rate Them.
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There are lots of websites that consumers can visit in order to post negative comments about a local business or contractor. But, there aren’t a lot of places where a business owner can go to complain about a client. Now, there’s a place just for business owners who are fed up and frustrated. That places is called Nasty Client (add a .com). Have a client in mind that deserves a negative write-up? Tired of not being paid or spending too much time chasing your money? This is the site for you.

Posting On Nasty Client

If you own a business, it will cost you $15.99 to create a membership. Once created, you can post to your heart’s content. Business owners have been posting the names of difficult clients, what the problem is or was, and where that client is located. In order to avoid slander charges, the site’s administrator deletes any profanities before a complaint is posted. This may sound like an excellent idea (and it’s defiantly a good way to get some stress off of your chest), but there might be some drawbacks here too.

Think Before You Post

Consider, for a moment, the life of your business. Say that someone wants to do business with you, but decides to conduct a simple Internet search before buying into your services. Now, say that person comes across a complaint you wrote details the name, address, and other information about a client you didn’t particularly like. That person may decide not to do business with you for fear of winding up on the bad list – just a thought.

Still, business owners around the globe are happy to hear about this new site. After all, it’s not every day that an owner gets to rate a customer. Let’s not forget, too, that business owners are often duped out of money and have lots of problems with people that just like the be problematic. So, what’s a business owner to do? Should you complain about your clients to the world or should you be quiet and chalk it up to bad business? Or, just another day at the office? It’s a tough call.

Some people are certainly worth complaining about, just make sure that you aren’t offending anyone too much (or too often). Otherwise, you may turn away some perfectly good clients. The man who set up the site was tired of dealing with bad clients and having no real outlet, so a site that allowed him (and others) to complain seemed like a great idea.

A Popular Site

Since the site was created two years ago, many business owners of all kinds have found a lot of joy in using the site. Paying that small fee doesn’t deter owners who have had it with bad clients. In some ways, this site makes sense. Far too many people are horrible when it comes to treating business owners with respect, and that’s exactly why the site is popular.

If you have a client or two that you would like to warn the world about, make sure check out Nasty Client. Even if you don’t own a business and don’t want to complain about anyone, it’s still fun to comb through the many complaints listed (and to make sure that your name isn’t part of the list!).