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  • Clothes Horse: Find The Right Size
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There’s no better way to get what you want, beat crowds, and spend your weekends away from the mall then shopping online. The only problem is that online shopping can lead to many returns, and some stores aren’t so forgiving when it comes to returning products. A new website called Clothes Horse has set out to provide online retailers with an easier way to match customers to proper brands and sizes.

Needless to say, this is a business idea that was largely needed. Every day, online retailers spend lots of money offering shoppers free return shipping. If these funds can be saved, a service like Clothes Horse will certainly pay off for storeowners. Own a store? Want to cut down on return costs and the loss of frustrated customers? Here’s how Clothes Horse works.

The Clothes Horse Advantage for Retailers

Clothes Horse provides retailers with a simple “Clothes Horse” button that can be installed on any webpage. Once this button is installed, shoppers simply have to click the button in order to be lead through a series of sizing questions. Shoppers fill in pertinent information such as height, weight, size, and some more detailed information such as which brands a shopper usually buys and whether or not that brand fits well. Based upon this information (and some calculations), Clothes Horse can then recommend proper brands and sizes for a shopper.

The result of bringing online shoppers through the Clothes Horse process would be (presumably) clothes that fit right the first time, which will save online retailers money in the long run (returns do tend to cost, after all). Seemingly, Clothes Horse is one company that online retailers should take a good look at – and this venture will also save online shoppers a great deal of angst and frustration (imagine buying clothes online that fit the first time – no returns or exchanges needed!).

The Cost of Using Clothes Horse

Clothes Horse cost details are largely under wraps at the moment. If you own a store and offer online shopping, you can contact Clothes Horse for a demo and some pricing details. However, Clothes Horse is certain to have priced retail services competitively, since there are some other companies offering similar services (not quite the same, but similar). Hopefully, Clothes Horse will put an end to online shopping confusion on both the side of the retail and the shopper. After all, many retailers are not so forgiving when it comes to returning a product or asking for a refund.

Stores That Are Already Using Clothes Horse

If you’re wondering how Clothes Horse works (or are in the market for some new threads), there are some online shops that have already installed Clothes Horse. According to TechCrunch, Clothes Horse has already tested the service on a site called Bonobos (this retailer sells men’s clothing). In addition, Clothes Horse is rumored to be in talks with various other retailers. The company has already gained a round of funding, so it should be interesting to see how Clothes Horse changes the online shopping game in the future.